Dramatic turn in custody case; mother allegedly kidnaps kids from school after court’s ruling

There are reports that Sidike Bility who has been battling a custody case with his estranged wife has now filed via criminal court a kidnapping case involving his wife.

While Civil Law Court was ruling in Sidike’s favor to take temporary custody of his kids, his wife soon to be divorced Warti Robinson Bility moved onto the kid’s campus and allegedly kidnapped them.

Before headed there on information provided by the school, Madam Bility had already escaped the scene.

The case Sidike Bility vs Warti Robinson Bility his estranged wife took a dramatic turn when Mrs. Bility took to social media accusing her husband of earlier kidnapping their kids.

Now it turns out she has reportedly done what she sued for earlier by disregarding court ruling.

In the initial ruling, the Judge said the motion for temporary custody is granted. It continued, ‘Mr. Sidike Bility is awarded temporary custody pending conclusion of divorce.’

Sidike and Warti are already opting for divorce but their minors Al-Hussein and Sidike have been issue of contestation swaying from the core issue.

Judge Peter W. Gbeneweleh of the Civil Law Court presided over the judgement.

Many social media pundits and feminists have since been making podcasts suggesting that Mr. Bility gave the kids to his mom and that his action was arbitrary.

Bility is an oil and gas guru which many believed would have interfered with the matter but it turned out the law saw it differently.

Legal experts say kids born out of wedlock belong to the woman while those born in wedlock belong to the husband.

The divorce proceedings are expected to begin in weeks.

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