Education Defenders blast Bridge int’l for hefty tuition charged as company continues to violate Labor, HoR demands

When George Werner and Ellen Johnson Sirleaf maneuvered to get education brand Bridge International to Liberia, they hailed it as a savior for the educational mess the country was experiencing.

Five years down, a lot has not changed despite Werner and Ellen continuous influence into the run of the company in Liberia.

Consortium of Education Defenders of Liberia (COEDEL) has frowned on the outsourcing of public education to Bridge International and several others.

By outsourcing education to them, these institutions can now raise millions from foreign donors and their owners live lavishly while parents, pupils and schools lie in desperate states.

COEDEL told a group of journalists recently that following a tour nationwide, the facilities of these providers making millions are deplorable and the government and people of Liberia are completely screwed; they haven’t ruled out a lawsuit if that’s what it takes to get the company out.

To add insult to injury, hefty tuition fees are being charged by Bridge International which completely contravenes the government’s free and compulsory education program.

COEDEL published on her Facebook page a total of over 5000 LD being charged per semester at Sarah Sampson George School in Buchanan, Grand Bassa County which contradicts the free schooling efforts of the government.

Despite the dilapidated structures of the schools Bridge International and others supervise nationwide, charging heavily for enrollment while making millions from foreign donors remains a complete disservice to the government and people of Liberia.

COEDEL requests the Minister of Education and President of Liberia whom himself renovated a Bridge School recently to launch an investigation into the excesses at the company.

At the same time, multiple sources have told this outlet that Bridge International has reneged on reinstating several redundant employees of the entity following request from Labor Ministry and the House of Representatives.

Many redundant employees said they were subjected to a test and denied reinstatement after a concocted plan to fail them.

Labor and HoR had earlier demanded Bridge to reinstate all employees unconditionally as the law requires when rehiring for their roles, unfortunately the company did otherwise.

Several redundant employees are now trooping to MoL offices to continue their effort to bringing the company to book.

Stay tuned…

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