EFFL requests Foreign Ministry to put out diplomatic alert to withdraw all Diplomatic Passports

The EFFL strongly condemns the sale and issuance of Liberian passports which includes Ordinary, Service and Diplomatic passports to non-commissioned foreigners and reported sanctioned terrorists.

The EFFL therefore calls on the President of Liberia to immediately commission an investigation into the revelations of Mr. Andrew Wonplo, former Director of Passport Division at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The Economic Freedom Fighters of Liberia (EFFL) believes that the mortgaging of Liberian Diplomatic Passport by the CDC-Led government is yet another episode of corruption that doesn’t only undermine the Presidency of Mr.George Weah within the geo-political space but also creates huge image problem for our country.

During and after the war years, the Liberian passport became globally unwanted; thereby creating psychological issue for many Liberian travellers.

Article Three (3), Section One (1) of the Liberian Passport and Visa law which speaks to the specific requirements for the application and use of Certain categories of Liberian Passports / Travel documents states that; “Applicants for Diplomatic Passports must give written proof or evidence that they are employees of the Government of Liberia with a rank or status as contained in these regulations or individuals who are or may be required or assigned to serve the Republic of Liberia as diplomatic emissaries to foreign nations or Governments; or show proof that a specific waiver of these requirements have been approved by the Minister of Foreign Affairs or a dispensation given by the President of the Republic of Liberia.”

Article 4 goes further and distinguishes persons entitled to receive or be granted certain categories of passports and travel documents. Within said provisions, foreigners are not captured in any of the thirteen categories. The EFFL is deeply concerned about the revelation of Mr.

Wonplo’s action (issuance of Liberian Passport to foreign nationals) was directed by his bosses. The EFFL calls for an independent forensic investigation to ascertain the facts and punished the culprits inline with constitutional provisions.

Liberia, once a force and top-tier member within our international diplomatic space is being reduced to a mere observer because of rampant corruption and bad governance.

The Economic Freedom Fighters of Liberia calls on the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to with immediate effect issue a diplomatic alert to withdraw all “Courtesy” to the bearers of those passports and have them arrested for investigations.

We call on the President to commission an independent team including the Liberia Bar Association, the Press Union of Liberia and other credible institutions.

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