Electrocuted LEC Worker Dies After ‘Neglect’ 

Gabriel Cruz Borbordee, an employee of the Liberia Electricity Corporation (LEC) who recently suffered electric shock has died.

Following the electric shock incident, Gabriel’s family requested that he be flown out of Liberia for proper medical checkup, a desire which wasn’t met until his demise.

Borbordee worked in several communities around Monrovia and its environs, turning lights on. Every time he turns on a light, an entire community jubilates alongside the children.

But according to many, Borbordee died a hero while on his regular job to restore light on the Capitol Bye-pass community. 

His light (life) went off down the road in death while many expressed sorrow over his demise.

Friends and well-wishers took to social media to eulogize the ‘light hero.’ 

He died days after his family cried of being neglected by the management of LEC.

Borbordee got injured on May 25, 2022 by a 2500kw high tension power line while on a pole trying to connect houses.

He had since then been bedridden to date and receiving treatment at the government-run John F. Kennedy Memorial Hospital. 

The family immediately launched an appeal to the management of LEC for advanced medical treatment abroad, which they said would be most guaranteed to save their relative’s life.

One week after, the victim’s family alleged that the management of LEC had abandoned him despite assurances of paying the medical expenses and funding his trip abroad for advanced treatment.

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