ELWA Reacts To Rumor Over 19 Deaths Due To Power Failure

There have been reports that nineteen persons died from ELWA Hospital in Paynesville as a result of power failure.

The news spread after a popular social media enthusiast Gboimah Genegbanyan reportedly passed Saturday at the hospital.

Martin Kollie, a political activist posted Sunday ‘Credible 8 patients under oxygen died at ELWA Hospital after LEC went off. As I’ve learned, our friend Genegbanyan was a victim😭’

In a Facebook post the Hospital sharply reacted ‘A rumor is circulating stating that 19 patients died at ELWA Hospital due to a power outage and lack of oxygen. There is no truth to this rumor.’

The hospital says they are being duly served by LEC and at the same time have a standby generator during this crisis.

‘We do want to emphasize that COVID-19 is real and is currently circulating at very high levels in Monrovia. Many patients are sick with COVID-19 and other conditions at ELWA and other health facilities,’ Dr. Rick Sacra, MD and Acting Medical Director of the hospital said.

They hospital encouraged all to wear mask, both in public and indoors.

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