EPA shuts down Beverage Company for multiple violations

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has taken drastic action against a beverage production company known as S.S.S. Private Limited for violating multiple sections of the Environmental Protection Management Laws of Liberia.

According to authorities of the EPA, the management of S.S.S. Private Ltd. was cited to several conferences for violations of permit conditions due to complaints from the assessment report made at their facility. 

But EPA disclosed that except for a conference held on September 17, 2020, the management of S.S.S. Private Ltd.’s operation is not in conformity with sustainable environmental management, by always refusing to attend any of the previous conferences requested. 

“We cited them on December 27, 2018 but they refused to participate in it. We invited them again on February 14, 2020 and February 22, 2020 respectively, but they again refused to come, neither did they write an excuse,” EPA stated.

The entity added “During our assessment at their facility, we uncovered that S.S.S. Private Limited is operating under unsanitary condition.”

EPA disclosed that the beverage company is discharging effluent directly into the environment without treatment and approval.

The company was also booked for unsustainably stockpiling waste (tires, metals, plastics) in the back of their facility.

EPA mentioned “The used water is treated by reverse osmosis system and U.V. to rinse bottles. However, the rinsed bottles are packed manually (with hands) in empty crates and cartoons that were seen exposed.”

The company was found liable of refusing to pay the US$1,000 fine imposed by the EPA few months ago.

“Against this background, the agency hereby issues this shutdown for the operation of alcoholic beverages located in Brewerville, VOA Perry Town Montserrado County, Liberia.”

S.S.S. Private Limited is further warned that this shutdown order shall remain enforced until it is proven that their new sustainable production plan is submitted to the agency for approval. 

“This shutdown order begins as of the date of receipt of the communication we are sending to them. Whereas, the management of S.S.S. Private Ltd. shall not use their current facility for which this shutdown order is placed to conduct any operation pertaining to production of alcoholic or nonalcoholic beverages,” EPA stressed.

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