Ex Defense Minister to pay 500K in six months or risks imprisonment after Court’s conviction

Brownie Samukai, Ex Defense Minister should have been an overjoyed man following the December 8 midterm election which he won landslide in Lofa but news from the Supreme Court has turned the table as his win still contested faces another uphill task.

On Monday, the court ruled that the newly elected Lofa Senator acted rather illegally by cutting men in the army salaries in millions and depositing in his private account.

Despite saying he was instructed by former President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, the court says she couldn’t establish that such was a legitimate request made or that such request was ever made by the ex President.

The Court however did not invite the former President for questioning but ruled that the ex Defense boss is found guilty as charged.

The Court was upholding an earlier decision by the lower court that the ex Defense Minister restitute at least a million dollars owed soldiers he commanded between 2005 to 2012.

The Court however said monies owed these men in arms should be paid or Hon. Samukai goes to prison and begins the payment of 25 USD monthly which could cost him a lifetime.

His conviction as an opposition person has sent a wave of mix reactions as to how the opposition tend to tackle issue of corruption.

Is remains unclear as to what will happen to his chances of taking his Legislative seat while an imprisonment for corruption hangs over him.

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