Ex-PLP Official Claims He Resigned Before Expulsion

A day following the pronouncement that members of the People’s Liberation Party (PLP) through its General Policy Commission (GPC) have expelled Chairman Wilmot Paye and others for allegedly violating the norms, Code of Values, and ethics of the party, former Secretary-General Kansualism Kansuah has taken exception.

In his denial, Kansuah claimed that PLP founder Dr. Daniel E. Cassell has introduced another phenomenon in the political arena in Liberia.

“After our resignation from his private firm – the People’s Liberation Party, he circulates fake news that we are expelled,” Kansuah argued.

“Whenever people resigned from a party, they are no longer members of that party. You cannot expel former members.

“This communication was written yesterday, September 20, 2021 after he heard that we have resigned from his private firm. Because of greed, limitations in political knowledge and frustration about his presidential bid, he wrote a letter that the content is far from me. He just copied my address and paste it on a letter. We need to be serious. I understand your challenges when it comes to communication.”

PLP stated that on Monday, following a GPC meeting at the party headquarters in Monrovia, Mr. Paye was removed as acting National Chairman while Henry Sackie and Kansualism Kansuah were removed from the positions of acting Vice Chairman for Political Affairs and Secretary-General respectively.

Also, former student leader Carlos Edison Tingban was suspended from his position as acting National Youth Chairman of the PLP.

The expulsions follow recent action by the PLP, through its General Policy Commission (GPC), to remove Paye as acting Chairman and few others from various leadership positions within the party, for multiple reasons ranging from alleged fraud, acts of undermining, poor performances and unilaterally violating the constitutional rights of other members.

But, Mr. Paye and other executive members of the party resisted the decision of the PLP by filing an official complaint to the National Elections Commission (NEC) after which time the action of expulsion was executed.

The rigmarole over how the decision affects the overall partisans continue!

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