Ex-Port Manager Vows To Vomit From Hideout

Following accusation of stealing US$300,000 from government, former Buchanan Port Manager
Charles M. Gull said he is ready to break silence on the matter.

Gull and alleged accomplice Amara Kamara are already hit by the Ministry of Justice with travel
restriction and arrest order for alleged corruption.

But in the wake of the arrest warrant and travel restriction, it has been reliably learned the
suspended Port Manager and Chief Statistician, Amara Kamara have absconded the country. And
it is believed that it his from his hideout that the accused said it’s about time he speaks and make
clarity about the entire allegation.

“I had no option than accepting under duress, fear of death, being in imminent danger. I have all
the documents and communications in my possession.”

Gull added: “Locking my office not to get hold of any documents was a failed attempt, because
every documents I deemed essential was kept on my iCloud and it will be published to the press
and the Liberian people. I won’t be the sacrificial lamb. I am safe now, I can talk. If it wasn’t
about my integrity, I would had kept quiet.

I will apologize to friends that this clarity will
exposed, but it’s about my name being rubbed in the dirt while the real culprits are the big guns.”
Gull and his Chief Statistician, Amara Kamara were suspended for their alleged involvement in
diverting funds intended for the Government of Liberia into their personal accounts both in the
United States and Liberia respectively.

The funds were said to be remittances paid by ArcelorMittal and Equatorial Palm Oil for the
exportation of iron ore and palm oil out of the country via the port in Buchanan, Grand Bassa

They were both arrested and risked off by agents of the National Security Agency (NSA) for

The NPA management said they were forwarded to the Liberia Anti-Corruption Commission
(LACC) for investigation.

Addressing a news conference on Wednesday, August 11, 2021, the Public Relations Manager of
the NPA, Malcolm Scott said the two suspects admitted to taking US$300,000 from the
Government of Liberia.

According to Scott, suspended Gull admitted to investigators that he and his accomplices opened
a secret account at their own discretion and deposited over US$300,000.
He said the turnover of the two officials followed an internal investigation in which both Gull
and Kamara admitted to carrying out dubious financial transactions outside of the port’s normal
financial procedure.

Scott did not disclose the name and title of the dubious or bogus account but said the suspects
confessed to the opening of a ghost account where they deposited the amount without the
knowledge and approval of the NPA management.


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