Ex President Sirleaf’s son endorses Thomas Fallah…Is Ellen in??

As the ruling CDC goes every length to solidify it’s Montserrado base, on Wednesday things took a more dramatic turn when the son of former President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf endorsed the candidature of Thomas Fallah, the ruling party’s candidate.

In 2017, the first family including President Sirleaf herself, reports had it that they supported Amb. George Weah against their longest ally, Vice President Joseph Boakai.

Things turned a little sour when Charles Sirleaf now ex Central Bank Governor was imprisoned and turned over to the courts over reported missing billions and printing of excess money.

Ellen Johnson then reignited her ties with her party that threw her out due to electoral games played in 2017 leading to her party’s defeat.

But Charles Sirleaf’s endorsement Wednesday left many to wonder whether like 2017, the Sirleafs are now regrouping to support George Weah, who will in three years rerun for office.

The former President’s son’s endorsement of the governing CDC candidate over the opposition CPP which she recently rejoined has had a major spin on various social media sites.

The elaborate event saw several high level CDC partisans in attendance with the opposition making mockery of the situation in an apparent appeasement.

The opposition says it’s a regroup of ‘Corrupt personalities’ while CDCIANS say just last election Mr. Sirleaf was hailed by the CPP candidate which he reportedly funded; he is yet to accept or deny the claim.

Opposition CPP candidate, Darius Dillon was once a closed ally of the Sirleafs serving as Chief of Staff to Robert Sirleaf who served as Board Chair of the National Oil Company.

The midterm senatorial election is crucial as it’s happening on the heels of the 2023 General and Presidential election.

Several big names are contesting in this process given the significance.

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