Expected Protest At Bridge International Offices As Company Refuses To Pay For Wrongful Dismissal On Orders of Education Minister Sonii

Bridge International Academies continues to make news headlines for bad labor practices and disrespect to the government of Liberia.

Latest has been a two year ruling following a conference by Deputy Minister for Human Resources and Manpower Development, Hannah Macauley Karbo of the Ministry of Labor.

Madam Karbo ruled that Bridge carried out a wrongful dismissal and should be held liable under the Labor laws of the country by reinstating unconditionally the individual dismissed or pay 24 months of salary.

According to the ruling in the possession of Nation Times, the figure for payment amounts to at least forty thousand USD.

Since the ruling, Uriah Goll, Bridge Lawyer who also is an employee of the Liberian Petroleum Regulatory Authority has been lobbying heavily to circumvent the laws making the company to since refuse to settle their liability brought on them by the actions of former Country Director Griffin Asigo, a Kenyan national.

Reports have it that Prof. Ansu Sonii regularly paid 5K monthly is backing the company’s decision in their arbitrariness along with former Education Minister George Werner who still runs the company in Liberia.

The company is at the same time heavily working with other top officials of the Liberian government including VP Jewel Howard Taylor and others who are all aware of this act but have refused to prevail on the company to settle their liability. Speaker Chambers and others have since requested them to pay to no avail.

Bridge International operates on 10th Street in Monrovia with offices in rural Liberia overseeing hundreds of public schools the government since turned over to them to manage.

Due to this management contract with the government, Bridge International Academies makes millions from foreign donors who pay over 100 USD per child in every public school managed by them though they got little to show in Liberia or at the schools they run. Many of the schools remain in ruin.

The action by Prof. Ansu Sonii according to victims of Bridge International is worrisome as all he does is take sides with the company as Liberians get suppressed. ‘Prof Sonii is a disappointment, he cares basically about himself and not Liberians,’ a victim told Nation Times.

Labor Minister, Cllr. Charles Gibson has yet to confirm to Nation Times whether or not he’s involved with the act of the company complete disregard to his Ministry by refusing to pay a staff wrongfully dismissed.

There is an expected protest at the offices of Bridge in Sinkor by family and supporters of the former employee if nothing is done to settle their liability.

Details are still coming through!!

In photo: Education Min. Dad Ansu Sonii, Bridge MD Gbovadeh Gbilia and Company’s owner Shannon May

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