‘False Perception,’ Martin K.N. Kollie Alarms Over Allegations of Opposition Support

Youth activist Martin KN Kollie, now in exile for fear of his life, has declared as false perception or allegation that has been lingering that he is being sponsored or supported by opposition politicians (especially those of the CPP).

“Let me make this crystal clear, no opposition politician supports me. None has supported me before and none is supporting me now.”

Kollie said when he challenged former President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf for 12 years, no one said that he was being sponsored by opposition politicians.

According to the former student leader, since fleeing into exile, not even former Vice President Joseph Boakai as well as opposition politicians Alexander Cummings, Nyonblee Karnga-Lawrence, Benoni  Urey, or any opposition politicians has called him.

“Never. Do I hold this against them. No, I hold nothing against them. Why? Because they are not obligated to call me and I am not expecting anything or any concern/compliment from them. They do not owe me anything and I do not owe them anything either.”

Kollie indicated that it is a myth and an outrageous lie to think that anyone of them is sponsoring him.

Though Kollie admitted to having respect for the opposition figure and that he thinks that they are better and they would do better than President George Weah, he said his utmost concern is how Liberians can be delivered out of the dungeon of extreme poverty and misery.

Kollie made it clear that he would prefer CPP to CDC any day because he loves Liberia.

“How can I even prefer an alligator to a snake? The CPP has its flaws, but it is better than the CDC.”

Kollie: “Let me be bold today. Do you know who have really helped me in exile? To God and my conscience, I am very grateful to Liberians in the diaspora. They are very good people. They are compassionate and patriotic. They have really helped me. At the appropriate time, I will be compelled to call specific names.”

Ahead of the 2023 elections, the youth activist announced that he is getting ready to fight for the people and the soul of the nation, adding that the people will prevail.

Kollie revealed that he was chased into exile by “a vicious regime in December 2019” and fled Liberia midnight through Sierra Leone with a few trousers and t-shirts.

Truth be told, Kollie said he  was a major target to be killed after leading the very first popular protest against the government of Pres. Weah (The Bring Back Our Money Protest).

He claimed to have been brutally attacked several times before fleeing into exile.

“Before leaving Liberia, I could not even sleep at one location for more than 6 months. I was roaming. My 12th street residence became ghostly. God saved me from those vicious attacks but I had to use wisdom also to cleverly escape them.”

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