Families Of Four Missing Persons Pressure Grand Bassa Leadership   

Togar Alexander Bealded Calls On National Government’s Swift Intervention

As the search for four missing persons intensifies, the aggrieved families on Thursday, August 4, 2022, demanded the swift intervention of Grand Bassa Superintendent Janjay Baikpeh to ensure that their relatives are found.

The action of the families comes four days after a canoe capsized in Buchanan, thus leaving four persons missing.

According to reports, the four persons that got allegedly missing were workers of two top fuel oil dealers in Buchanan with the four persons only identified as Russian, Abel, Emmanuel, and Jay-dyu.

The families of the four missing men marched through the streets of Buchanan onward to the office of the Superintendent with anger, while demanding that he finds solutions to avoid unforeseen dilemmas.

For his part, Superintendent Janjay Baikpeh said, “I feel your pains and want to thank all of you for being peaceful since the incident occurred.”

The Grand Bassa County Superintendent added: “I have come to ask you to remain calm as we gather the facts on how the incident occurred.”

According to Superintendent Baikpeh, he is working with the County Attorney in person of Randolph Johnson to ensure that their concerns are settled.

At the same time, political activist Togar Alexander Bealded has said that national government has to move in and solve the issue as this is beyond the local administration.

He said the act is regrettable and pray the families get justice.

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