Whistleblower Liberia

Whistleblower Liberia

Fonati Koffa, CDC, wins Deputy Speaker post

Grand Kru Representative J. Fonati Koffa has won the Deputy Speaker post of the House of Representatives.

The CDC lawmaker won with 45 votes over his CPP contender Clarence Massaquoi who got 20 votes.

The lone female candidate in the race, Moima Briggs of Bong County got two votes.

His election came as a result of the election of Rep. Prince Moye of Bong County who was earlier today inducted as Senator following his election recently.

Cllr. Koffa election puts the CDC in a comfortable lead of the lower House though they also control the Upper House of the Legislature.

Fonati, before his election promised his colleagues a harmonious working relationship beyond party, regional and ethic lines.

As it sits, the President, Protempore, Speaker and Deputy all come from the southeast of the country, something political pundits say lacks the balance of power.

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