Four new by elections insight as NEC announces winners for just ended midterm; millions to be spent

Millions are expected to be spent on by elections following the announcement of senatorial midterm election which some sitting representatives emerged victorious.

Bong, Nimba, Grand Gedeh and Bomi counties are places sitting lawmakers opting for senatorial seats won overwhelmingly.

Edwin Snowe of Bomi, Prince Moye of Bong, Jeremiah Koung of Mumbai and Zoe Pennue of Grand Gedeh comfortably won their seats to the Liberian senate.

Koung’s win has been challenged by the opposition Collaborating Political Party (CPP) for voter fraud, irregularities amongst others.

Before moving to the Senate the four were Representatives especially Prince Moye who served as Deputy Speaker and Snowe as the House’s representative to the ECOWAS parliament.

The government has till date put nothing in place to curtail sitting representatives run for Senate position just as sitting senators running for President. It has and continue to be a constitutional debate.

There has been mixed reactions over this situation given the amount government has to spend on these by-elections.

As more representatives cling onto nine years job, more others are expected to contest whenever these situations arise.

At least a dozen or more representatives contested in these senatorial midterm elections.

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