FULL SPEECH: Mulbah Yorgbor Joins Cummings ANC

Mr. Alexander B. Cummings, Political Leader of the Alternative National Congress and Members of the National Executive Committee

Distinguished Officials and members of the Youth and Women Leagues

Auxiliaries of the ANC and the Diaspora Chapters

Members and affiliates of other Constituent Parties of the Collaborating Political Parties (CPP)

Members of the Press 

Fellows Liberians 

Distinguished Ladies and Gentlemen:

About four (4) years ago, I was terminated from government while on active assignment in London, the United Kingdom. I wasn’t terminated because I was incompetent. Or that I misrepresented the government. I was terminated because I had campaigned in 2017 against what has clearly become Liberia’s greatest mistake – a George Weah presidency. Clearly, the Weah Administration was (and is very still) clueless about what it takes to run a fully functional government which at the very core, is the recruitment and deployment of individuals with the right set of skills and talents to effectively deliver. For them, government is about assembling party zealots to do the bidding of a demigod. For them, governance is about loyalty to party over the welfare of the state. This has been clearly demonstrated by Weah and his officials who haven’t hesitated at all to amass wealth at the expense of the impoverished masses since they took power in 2018. Our woes as a country continue to deepen.

Hospitals are without drugs; schools without quality, homes without reliable water and electricity supply ; deplorable road conditions; trust in the banking sector is at an all time low; mysterious deaths are on the rise but sadly amidst all of these nation-wrecking and heart-breaking situations, this government is adamant. It interests itself with politically captivating, substandard and cosmetic projects which have little to zero substantive long term impact on the livelihood of the people.

This nation has bled for too long. Our history is replete with accounts of large scale theft and neglect of the suffering masses. Two hundred and fifty thousand (250,000) of our compatriots lost their lives – some very gruesomely to years of devastating civil and political unrest. Even after this national disaster, one would think that our leaders will act differently to ensure that these wounds are healed through decent and accountable leadership – one premised on providing the best possible living conditions for the people. One that accounts for their stewardship of the country. A leadership that facilitates, and through sound public policies, accelerates a vibrant private sector growth that provides job opportunities for citizens. Instead, citizens are continuously deprived of their dignity as humans and have been made ordinary beggars in their own country. This is gut-wrenching. No patriotic Liberian should, in their sound mind sit on the sidelines while this travesty continues unabated. We have to change the narrative. We have to restore decency to national leadership. We need proven practical steps to rebuild this country from the bottom up.

Having considered over the last few months the critical importance of the 2023 elections and post 2023, I have come to the realization that only an institution with a very concise and equally ambitious plan to rescue the Republic should be given the task to rebuild our beloved country. An institution that has a well laid out economic recovery strategy and one that values and amplifies the views of all on the table. An institution that is very concerned about the young people of this country. In fact, an institution that holds firmly the believe that this country will move no inch further if the young people are not empowered and properly guided. That institution is none other but the Alternative National Congress – the ANC. I therefore unreservedly declare my membership with the ANC from this day forward and will do everything within  my human power to ensure that the ANC becomes that beacon of hope, that glimpse of redemption and that bearer of good tidings for the people of Liberia. 

As if the ANC as an institution founded on the principles of providing genuine democratic and practical transformational leadership and accountability wasn’t enough a reason to join ranks with other patriots, then came along Mr. Alexander Benedict Cummings. A cursory review of the life of the man called Cummings will tell you that this man is a go-getter. He is pragmatic, result-oriented and accountable. He navigated his way to the height of corporate governance in a society that has zero tolerance for public and private corruption, unscathed. He epitomizes and embodies the ideal family values that are sadly in short supply at the nation’s highest office. He has been entrusted with huge responsibilities and has exceptionally delivered. Without boring you with the curriculum vitae of the man called Cummings, I also hereby declare my support for his nomination as Standard Bearer of the Collaborating Political Parties (CPP) Presidential Ticket. I have no doubt that he will be a robust and practical transformational leader. It is time, fellow Liberians, that we employ a business approach to public governance. Businesses are operated to provide the best in class customer service experience and satisfaction. Liberians as customers should be satisfied. We should receive the best services possible. And this is very achievable. We are a naturally endowed country. We have enough to make everyone happy. We just need that leader who will ensure that happens. Cummings is that leader. 

In the coming months leading to the CPP Primaries, I will join ranks with all members of the ANC to make the case for a Cummings Presidency because clearly, we are putting an end to the error of 2017. A unified CPP will deal the blow and give the best shot at redemption to the Liberian People. We have sunken to an unfathomable low. All time low. We are the poorest country on earth not because we lack the resources to develop this country. What we lack is the right people to manage those resources for the general good of the people. Cummings is here to bring his record of practical and transformational leadership to our nation’s highest office. With Cummings and the CPP, it will be simple as ABC.


Long live the ANC

Long Live Alexander Benedict Cummings and

Long Live Liberia 


I thank you.    

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