FULL SPEECH: ‘The Opposition is not a Waiting Room for Corrupt Individuals,’ New PLP Chair Wilmot Paye asserts

Dr. Daniel E. Cassell, our Founding Political Leader;   

Heads and Representatives of Political Parties present here;

Distinguished Members of the International Community;

Heads and Representatives of Civil Society Organizations present here;

Our wonderful People from different parts of the Country;

Acting Coordinators of the Counties and their respective Team Members;

Members of the Fourth Estate (the Press);

My fellow Liberians in Rural Montserrado County, Grand Bassa, Sinoe, Maryland, Grand Cape Mount, Lofa, Bong, Nimba, Grand Gedeh, Bomi, River Cess, Margibi, Grand Kru, River Gee and Gbarpolu Counties;

My fellow Liberians in the Diaspora, particularly those of you Liberians residing in the United States of America, Canada and the Americas; the United Kingdom, Scandinavian and European Union Countries; The Russian Federation, Japan, The People’s Republic of China (PRC), South Korea and Southeast Asia; the Indian Sub-continent; New South Wales, Victoria and across Australia, New Zealand and Oceania;

My dear fellow Liberians residing in The Federal Republic of Nigeria, the Republic of Ghana, the neighboring Republics of Cote d’Ivoire, Guninea-Conakry, Sierra Leone, Senegal and across Africa;

Prelates and Members of the Christian Community;

Members of the Islamic Community;

Members of the Business Community;

Distinguished Market Women, Traders and Street Sellers across Liberia;

Youths and Students of Liberia;

Commercial Motorcyclists who have closed the Transportation Gaps through their invaluable services;

Our forgotten, neglected and abandoned Farmers across Liberia;

The various Intellectual Centers in Monrovia and across our Cities and towns throughout Liberia;

Professors, Lecturers, Teachers, and Principals of Schools;

Taxi Drivers, Truck Drivers and Members of Transport Unions and Associations;

Rubber Tappers across Liberia;

Civil Servants who under difficult circumstances continue to serve our Nation;

Doctors, Nurses and Health Workers across Liberia;

My dear fellow Citizens and Foreign Residents within our Borders:

Firstly, I thank GOD ALMIGHTY for this historic Gathering. Indeed, HE is responsible for our being here today.

Yes, the time is now because for too long Liberian political parties and their founders and leaders have professed to be what they are not. We have assembled here today to reverse this trend: to reassure our disadvantaged people that by GOD’s special grace, the politics of hypocrisy is about to change. Liberia has no option except to embrace this new direction.

My loving, capable, faithful and committed wife of the last twenty-one years, our children and I are grateful to you, Dr. Daniel E. Cassell, Honorable Tapple E. Doe and members of the Organizing Team for reposing explicit confidence in me. It is uncommon in Liberia for anyone to painstakingly go through the exacting task of organizing a political party and have another ascend to its chairmanship. So, I salute your exceptional humility, Honorable Doe. With faith in YAHWEH the LORD GOD of the universe WHO alone knows the future, I accept this honor and pledge total commitment, unflinching loyalty and allegiance to the ideals, vision, philosophy, founding principles and core values of The People’s Liberation Party. 

After many years as one of the strongest and dependable voices of reason, I separate myself from the Unity Party on today Saturday, 20 February 2021. I take this ultimate gamble not because it had been my wish or desire to leave one political party for another, but because from all indications Liberians and the world now know that the noble dreams, vision, ideals, principles, core values and philosophy conceived by Jackson Fiah Doe, Sr, Edward Binyah Kesselly and William Gabriel Kpolleh nearly forty years ago have been hijacked by Greed. I assume the role of Chairman with absolute humility, trusting that the same loving and benevolent CREATOR WHO revealed HIMSELF to me on Sunday, August 19, 2007 and WHO led me over the years, will direct the course of The People’s Liberation Party for HIS name’s sake and for the sake of the suffering masses of Liberia.

Dr. Cassell, I am hopeful about Liberia’s future. Together we constitute a great team. And to all of you under our voice this afternoon—who have come in anticipation that our Nation’s story can and will change—I thank you. I assure you that by GOD’s special grace and through HIS leading, your aspirations about and belief in Liberia will not be in vain. In the not too distant future, we will celebrate the rebirth of our Nation. The long period of doom and gloom is only temporary.

For the next twelve months, our vision of an effective, efficient and fully functional and community-based People’s Liberation Party will be aggressively pursued through grass-root mobilization. Through the establishment and sustenance of dynamic, vibrant and conscious youth, women and other relevant organs that promote broad participation, we will build a political party that is completely different. Foremost on this agenda is to make The People’s Liberation Party a movement for all Liberians, including persons with disabilities. Let me hasten to add that the Constitution of The PLP provides for establishment of Standing or Specialized Committees, one of which is the Standing Committee on Persons with Disabilities.

Our goal is to establish one Liberation Chapter in every county, including at district, chiefdom, city, township, town, and village levels within twelve (12) months beginning effective March 2021 and ending March 2022, respectively. Even though this looks like a huge task we can achieve it. As a new political party, we have no choice. We must roll our sleeves, tighten our belts and prepare to move with supersonic rapidity. 

Let me also not forget to remind all of you that some political parties adopt names and mottos which their founders and leaders do not truly believe in. But with your full support and cooperation, The People’s Liberation Party will be different in conduct, attitude, behavior, actions, operations, decisions and character. Under our chairmanship, and with guidance from our Political Leader, The PLP will represent its name, motto, vision, philosophy, founding principles and our core values of Patriotism, Integrity, Accountability and Transparency. In order to become and remain the Liberation vehicle that it was established to be, The PLP cannot compromise these values. This is what Liberians everywhere at home and abroad are yearning for: a political party that lives up to the true meaning of its own Vision, Philosophy, Founding Principles and Core Values. The PLP is here to sanitize and purify Liberian politics. The alternative to this is for Liberia to continue on the path that only leads to poverty and misery.

For too long politics has been misrepresented in Liberia. Politics has been portrayed as a vehicle for promoting the selfish ambitions of corrupt individuals whose only motivation for entering politics is to exploit their own Nation. But The PLP believes that Liberia cannot continue like this, especially in this 21st Century. This must change! I am not talking about a mere change of personnel. The same traditional politicians that plunged Liberia into the mess it is in cannot lead any true transformation. Liberia needs a totally different breed of politicians. We cannot afford to disappoint them.

The People’s Liberation Party was born out of the quest to actualize Article 5c of the 1986 Constitution of Liberia. Under this provision of our constitution, nepotism, sectionalism and tribalism are highlighted as “vices”. But show me one political party on either side of the divide which has distinguished itself as a vehicle for actualizing this clause. There is none! At the Fourth Annual Republican Women’s National Conference of 6 March 1956, Dwight D. Eisenhower had said and I quote, “If a political party does not have its foundation in the determination to advance a cause that is right and that is moral, then it is not a political party; it is merely a conspiracy to seize power”.. This is what our Party stands for and must advance. To liberate Liberia from corrupt politicians and their allies is moral and just. Otherwise, our governance machinery will remain a den of thieves. The PLP will work with patriotic Liberians at home and abroad to foster and promote a national Liberation Agenda under which no selfish personal agenda and interests will be entertained or nurtured.

The wealth of Liberia is for all Liberians and must be managed and utilized for their sole benefit and enjoyment. Let me reaffirm to you, Dr. Cassell, that for this noble cause you have a true partner in me and the thousands of our fellow citizens at home and abroad who are anxious to liberate Liberia from the Mother of all evils: Greed. Greed is the source of Liberia’s social, political, economic and cultural problems. This is the enemy we must defeat. Liberation is the tool—the weapon, the instrument, the political arsenal required—to wage and win this warfare. Make no mistake. Liberia’s problem is not a change of personnel. 

It does not matter whether one group in The Capitol Building, the Presidency or The Temple of Justice is replaced with another. It does not matter whether one traditional political party at the helm power is replaced with another. What matters is to recognize, as Dr. Cassell does, that our country has been hijacked. Liberia is in a form of slavery and only liberation can deliver it from. And the time is now

Today we recommit to our people. Today we present a different political party. In The People’s Liberation Party, no tribe is better than another. No part of Liberia is superior to another. No gender is more supreme. There are no “zogoes”. People with disabilities are one with us because we are all Liberians. We are The Liberators. We do not ignore the plank in our eyes while professing to “see” the mote in others’ eyes. In The People’s Liberation Party, patriotism is our motivation. Integrity and discipline are hallmarks of our organizational culture. Accountability is our duty. Transparency is our mirror. And the living GOD is our HELPER, our SHIELD and our DEFENDER. 

The Opposition environment is not a waiting room for corrupt individuals to regroup or conspire to unseat another group. After all, there is no evidence in history that consummate tribalists and conventional politicians who reject Truth and do not promote integrity but fear those who stand up against dishonesty within their own organizations have the spine to lead transformation in any society. You cannot give what you do not have. Integrity does change its character or nature, no matter what. While it exposes the ills and evils done by others, it distances itself from that which is committed under its nose. No political party, alliance or coalition, however “good” the intentions may be, can present itself as a viable alternative if it fails and/or refuses to hold its own members and leaders accountable for their evil deeds and conduct.

We must never allow members of the self-seeking political class to intercept yet another opportunity to restore hope to our people. THE TIME IS NOW! My dear fellow Liberians, the elections in 2023 must never be about replacing one failing Government with another led by corrupt elements from the past. The People’s Liberation Party, as our name suggests, is here to emancipate Liberia from the politics of deception—of corruption, nepotism, sectionalism and tribalism. Our Party cannot and will not promote these vices. Patriotism, integrity, accountability and transparency are virtues that are the minimum standards that those in leadership at national, county, district, chiefdom, township, town, village and community levels must meet at all times and under all circumstances. We cannot compromise these.

To liberate Liberia requires fresh, new ideas, practical and predictable approaches to tackling the problems of Corruption, Nepotism, Sectionalism and Tribalism. I know that you are all tired of promises that do not match current attitude, conduct, action and character. The question is not whether one administration will end in 2023 with the election of another. Let the debate rather be about how different Liberia’s governance system will be after 2023. We must never settle for anything below this.

When we liberate Liberia from the conspiring thieves that control and dominate our politics, then we can change, then we can qualify to become a viable alternative to the political bacteria and virus that continue to infect governance. When we stop greed and greedy politicians, then we can generate enough revenue to support farmers, schools, hospitals and clinics, connect our Country with good road networks, attract investors, create more jobs, insulate our courts and judges against political interference, strengthen our army and security agencies.

When we liberate Liberia, then instead of being little light bulbs that shine on Capitol Hill and grow dimmer within our own institutions, we can build political organizations that become floodlights across the Executive, Legislative and Judicial Branches. That is, when we liberate Liberia, then citizens will trust their Government. Of course, public officials will account for their actions and inactions both during and after office. When we liberate Liberia, no Associate Justice or Judge will be unconstitutionally removed. No Associate Justice or Judge will be actively involved in politics. Justice will be served to all without regard to status.

When we liberate Liberia, then the raping of babies, young girls and women will stop! Then our schools will truly become learning centers equipped with all facilities, including playgrounds and feeding centers for children. When we liberate Liberia, then governance will improve. When governance improves, then Liberia will become productive and competitive. Of course, then lawmakers will not become lawbreakers.   

When we liberate Liberia, the current monetary uncertainties will vanish. Then the Central Bank of Liberia will cease from being a channel for looting donor and public funds. Then commercial banks will be trusted, and depositors will use our banking system without the fear that they will be robbed.

When we liberate Liberia, then Justices of the Supreme Court and Judges of subordinate courts will dispense justice without fear or favor. Then, Liberians will hope again, and their hope will have meaning. Yes, when we liberate Liberia, then political parties will cease from being vehicles through which the selfish agendas of thieves and their associates are promoted.

When we liberate Liberia, then Liberian NGOs will no longer collude with elements within the Donor Community to exploit Liberians in the name of providing services and making interventions that do not address the needs of our people. Then no funds intended for Liberia and channeled through national and international NGOs will be stolen.

Indeed, when we liberate Liberia, then our fiscal budget and system will become transparent and cease from being a means for those in the Executive and Legislative Branches to steal from the country. Then, our budget will become a real tool for addressing the needs and concerns of our people.

Of course, when we liberate Liberia, then the human dignity and human rights of Liberians, not rice, will be valued. Then, Liberian businesses will be supported and foreign control and domination of our economy to the detriment of the country will stop.

When we liberate Liberia, which is the first step we must take, then primitive ideas will be replaced with progressive new vision. Then politicians will not use tribal sentiments to promote their agendas. Then the Legislature will enact laws against Nepotism, Sectionalism and Tribalism.

When we liberate Liberia, then bilateral and multilateral institutions will respect our Country and not dictate what is good for our people.

Certainly, when we liberate our Country, then no citizen will go to bed hungry or live below US$2.00 a day. Then poverty can be defeated.

Yes, when we liberate Liberia, then the average life expectancy of Liberians will climb to 70 years, and no Liberian child will die of malaria and other curable diseases. 

When we liberate Liberia, then our churches will live up to the true meaning of their existence as the moral conscience of society. Then, hypocrisy will end and pastors, imams and their congregations will match doctrines and sermons with deeds.

When we liberate Liberia, the mass media and social media networks will not be used as instruments to tear down but to build up. The sanctity of our institutions will not be abused or violated. 

Yes, when we liberate Liberia, then innovation and creativity will be embraced and supported. Then honest hard work will be valued and rewarded.

Yes, when we liberate Liberia, then the thousands of commercial motorcyclists across Liberia who one way or another are filling the transportation gaps where roads are deplorable, will be respected and treated with the dignity they deserve. Then, instead of being viewed as facilitators of crimes, they will be regulated and not chased by the Police.

When we liberate Liberia, then our marketplaces will improve. Then, sellers and traders will be honest and stop exploiting the consumers of their wares.

When we liberate Liberia, then our sports (football, basketball, kickball, etc.) will be developed and transformed into industries that provide employment for hundreds, if not thousands, of our young people.

When we liberate Liberia, then citizenship will have meaning, and the value of our passport will soar abroad. Then, the most productive and competent segments of our population will seek ways and means to positively impact their own society and not say, “Anywhere is better than here”.

When we liberate Liberia, then the highly empowered and experienced Liberian Diaspora, a key and an inseparable section of our population, with its enormous potential, will be mobilized to support Liberia’s development.

When we liberate Liberia, then assets stolen by past and present public officials will be vigorously tracked down, recovered and utilized to support Agriculture, Education, Health and Roads. Then, our diplomacy—our foreign policy—will be marshalled towards achieving this goal.

When we liberate Liberia, the noble goal for which The People’s Liberation Party was founded, then our hospitals and health centers, both public and private, will be healing centers and not mortuaries. Then teachers, doctors, engineers, nurses, masons, carpenters and the craftsmen and craftswomen that sustain our industries, will feel fulfilled in their careers.

Truly, when we liberate this Country, then Science and Technology will be prioritized not only in the curricula of schools, colleges and universities but at the policy level. 

When we liberate Liberia, then residents of rural communities will have access to the same quality services and opportunities that the relatives and children of greedy leaders enjoy here and elsewhere. Then, public service will cease from being a vehicle for stealing public resources and wealth.

When we liberate Liberia, then no public officials, including the President, Vice-President, Speaker, Representatives, Senators, the Chief Justice and Associate Justices will do their medicals abroad while providing poor-quality health services at home. Then, the US$10,000.00 (the millions) that each lawmaker receives annually for “medicals” will be reallocated to improve our healthcare system.

When we liberate Liberia, then our cities, towns and villages will be zoned and reorganized. Then family values will matter, and morality, decency, integrity and truthfulness will be the hallmarks of our politics, not hypocrisy, deception and lies!

Of course, when we liberate Liberia, then service will replace self. Then, humility will replace arrogance, then Liberians will be treated with the respect and dignity they deserve. Then, none of us in politics, both ruling and Opposition, will be lifted against the Lone Star Banner.

When we liberate Liberia, then a new constitution will be written to suit the time we live in, and to meet contemporary needs, not one that was fashioned on outdated and outmoded norms.

My dear people, Liberia cannot continue the way it has been. The mode of politics must change, so “The Time Is Now”!

The People’s Liberation Party (PLP) is here to stay—to change the politics of greed into politics of progress. The PLP is for you—for you all the way there in Maryland, River Gee, Grand Gedeh, Sinoe, River Cess, Grand Bassa, Nimba, Bong, Lofa, Gbarpolu, Bomi, Grand Cape Mount, Margibi and for you in rural Montserrado who live so close to the seat of decision making but cannot even access safe drinking water.

That is, The PLP is for you in Virginia, Caldwell, New Georgia, Gardnersville, Paynesville, Congotown, King Gray, Lakpasee, Sinkor, Plumkor, Sayetown, Jallahtown, Bishop Brooks, Slipway, Buzzi Quarters, Soniwein, Mamba Point, West Point, Vaitown, Claratown, Doe Community, Billimah, Jamaica Road, Logantown, Garglor, Point Four, Corner West, Popo Beach, New Kru Town, Duala and Monbotown.

This is your Party, your Movement. This is a different political party, one that will be run differently, with openness, with honesty, with respect, with truth, with total commitment, not just to participate in elections and afterwards sleep to wait for the next elections. We value you the people. You want your lives to change—to improve.

You want to see interwoven into the character, conduct, attitude, actions and decisions of those who seek your trust not just to profess to believe in you. In The People’s Liberation Party, while all of us have tribal backgrounds that none of us chose, we do not see your tribe or the region of Liberia you come from. We see the common humanity in you—the humanity that traditional and conventional politicians have ignored for too long.

If you are in a political party that has failed to live up to your expectations, wherein the leaders say one thing and does another; if your party has taken your allegiance for granted, focusing only on wrongs done by others while tolerating or justifying internal ills, come and make The People’s Liberation Party your home. We cannot and will not disappoint. In this Party, we reject the idea that poverty is a way of life for you. We are convinced that poverty is an artificial condition created by bad governance.

Come, let us build a new political party, one that respects your views, recognizes your true worth, and believes in you. This is no time to give up on our Country. Even though Liberia is a slave to past and present leaders, this condition is only temporary. A mere change of guards or personnel in 2023 will not solve Liberia’s problems; it will only make matters worse.

With real, great, humble and servant-leaders like Dr. Daniel E. Cassell leading The People’s Liberation Party, you can join us to present Liberians a better option, a different political party, a viable alternative that you cannot find anywhere.

Liberians, this is your new Party, The People’s Liberation Party. We respect you. We value you. We will not deceive you at all. We cannot mislead you. Come, let us liberate Liberia from Corruption, Nepotism, Sectionalism and Tribalism. Indeed, the time is now, and we are ready!

GOD bless you. GOD bless The People’s Liberation Party. And GOD bless Africa’s oldest Republic.

I thank you.

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