Full Statement: EFFL Leader On Solicitor General’s Accusation And Government’s Lobbying Spree In America

Monrovia – (22 September 2021) Fighters of the uncompromising Economic Freedom Fighters of Liberia (EFFL), religious leaders, women organizations, Chairman and militants of the Vanguard Student Unification Party (SUP) and fellow citizens, both at home and abroad; with heavy hearts triggered by the unpleasant aftermath of bad governance occasioned by unspeakable wickedness and callous looting of state coffers being agonizingly experienced under the rule of heartless and greedy men calling themselves our leaders, but in the truest essence of leadership, are our misleaders, we bring you revolutionary greetings.

Once more, we have all gathered here to again, somberly highlight issues confronting our beloved country’s democracy and governance process.

Fellow Liberians, over the last few days, our country has worryingly been engulfed by so many undesirable happenings as far as the governance, security and well-being of the majority of our people and the Motherland are concerned. However, of such despicable happenings, there are two major trending issues, which we from the EFFL believe are matters of cardinal importance, as far as the well-being and security of our people, and as well as peace and tranquility in the land are concerned.

Our fellow compatriots, those two matters are of course, firstly; the very disturbing and grave murder allegation hanging over the head of a man who is supposed to be impartially dispensing justice in our country, but is now publicly being allegedly referred to as the ritualistic murderer of teenage virgins – that man is none other but the CDC-led government’s Solicitor General, Seyma Cyrenius Cephus – and secondly; very concerning so too, the other issue has to do with the Government’s ongoing fiasco of a lobby adventure or should I say President Weah and his money-gobbling cronies’ uncalled-for waste of much needed tax payers’ money in the United States of America.

The murder accusations

Fellow citizens, we are heartbroken, to say the least, that up to now, the Government of Liberia, under the leadership of a former “Peace Ambassador” and UNICEF Ambassador, has not called for an investigation into the allegation that his Solicitor General, a man who is supposed to be giving justice and upholding the rule of law, but is rather being referred to as a one callously being in conflict with law, by allegedly murdering innocent Liberian girls, for political protection and promotion.

As grave as this allegation is, bordering on the shedding of blood and the taking away of innocent lives, we believe that it shall never be one of those matters that is ever swept under the carpet, as this involves lives, the very lives of young Liberians, who would have gone on to becoming better leaders than the ones our nation have been presented with over the years that have brought us all nothing but tears and backwardness.

To kill is unlawful, even if such action was unintentional, what more for one to willfully and intentionally snatch away the lives of innocent girls for political power as his accuser has alleged; this is heartlessness and it is absolutely unfortunate. That’s the more reason why this news of the Solicitor General allegedly murdering virgin girls must be properly and impartially investigated by the Government of Liberia, especially when Liberians are going missing by the day, while their family members and loved ones live with heartbreak and the grief associated with this, and all this Government does is sit idly and do nothing, even when its citizens go missing under mysterious circumstances – most times, with some ending up dead.

Fellow citizens, we are all aware that murder is a crime against the state and people who are usually accused of murder are immediately arrested by the state for prosecution. But we are baffled that by now, Cllr. Cephus has not been apprehended in accordance with law, and be made to answer to this very weighty allegation. We want to state here on record that this is totally unacceptable, and for this, we, in the strongest term, condemn the government, especially its law enforcement segment and all those that control it.

What is the government telling us? What is the law enforcement arm of the government being controlled by President Weah, who is a known friend to Cllr. Cephus telling us? Are they saying Cllr. Cephus, with this very heavy allegation of killing innocent children hanging over his head, without exonerating himself in a court of competent jurisdiction, can just freely walk the streets, but he can tomorrow prosecute in court another Liberian who may be accused of committing the same crime?

To this, we say a big NO! Fellow Liberians, we cannot live in a country where the laws will be effective and move at a speed of a panther against opposition figures and people considered to be poor, while the same law takes a snail pace or in some instances, does not even move, when it comes to matters involving Cllr. Cephus and his likes.

May we remind the Government, that the framers of our Constitution, the organic law of the land, as well as the authors of our laws, were of the right frame of mind and they so intended, on the over all, that our laws serve the greatest purpose of the greater good of all, regardless of political persuasions and alignments, and economic status. Sadly, under this CDC-led government, we are experiencing the contrary. Today, a Pennue accused of murdering a security officer in Grand Geddeh County is out of jail, when we all including non-lawyers, know very well that by law, murder is a non-billable offense – all because he is associated with the regime at the very top. Also, a Cephus accused of heartlessly killing innocent virgin girls, has not even been made to answer a single question, all because of his connection with people in the highest echelon of this government that within so short a period of its existence has witnessed so many of its citizens died under mysterious circumstances. These were some of the very issues the CDC as an opposition political party then rejected during the misrule of Mrs. Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, even at times resorting unconventional means; whether it was carrying coffins or erecting roadblocks.

Fellow-citizens, we must not consider the allegation from Cllr. Cephus’ accuser and others for granted because even as problematic her personal and public lifestyle may be, she has a history of releasing secret recordings, like in the case of the ones on Cephus, and the content of such recordings, on the average, have in time past proven to be authentic.

Fellow Liberians, for a man who is supposed to be the Chief Prosecutor for government to be allegedly involved into killing innocent people is just worrisome – and it’s worrisome for so many legitimate reasons; for what moral standing does Cephus now have to prosecute in court others that are in conflict with the law, when he stands accused of being in conflict with the very law he’s being paid thousands of dollars out of state resources to uphold and defend. We even believe that Cllr. Cephus has breached public trust by the singular fact that he is benefiting tax payers’ money to uphold and defend the laws of the land, but is accused of breaking the law, and not even in a small way, but as far as sniffing away lives is concerned, which is a capital offense, and he still sits in that same office, with no remorse to do the honorable thing by stepping down and turning himself in to be investigated – where is his sense of integrity, we wonder.

Members of the media, fellow fighters and our conscious Liberian people, it is clear, one needs no rocket scientist to know that anyone accused of murdering just one individual is automatically subjected to arrest and brought before the court to answer to such charge, lest to speak of a man who is accused of killing several virgin girls – however, in the case of Cllr. Cephus, it could be that the Government of Liberia is delaying to apprehend him because of the shortage of law enforcement officers and the needed logistical support – if this be the case, that the Government is that broke and unable to facilitate the apprehension of a man accused of murdering several citizens of this country, the EFFL, in concert with fathers of children, mothers of children, the student community, civil society organizations, opposition political parties, hereby, volunteer to assist our Government that as of today’s date we herewith announce an action of citizens’ arrest against Cllr. Cephus.

By the announcement of a citizens’ arrest to be effectuated against Cllr. Cephus, it means we will arrest his living body and turn him over to the Government of Liberia through the Liberian National Police for proper and impartial investigation regarding the murder allegation against him.

We are prepared to take this patriotic action, while being reminded that this Government has on many occasions been swift to call for investigation into issues involving opposition political actors but has continued to act slowly and some instances, does not act at all when it involves one of their own.

We are therefore calling on women groups in and out of the country, to please join us in this patriotic endeavor, for it is about the lives of young women, some of your very own, who would have grown up to be great women in society that we are standing up for. Join us as we together fight to put an end to impunity in officialdom.

Fellow citizens; only a Government headed by tyrants uses the law as an instrument to oppress its citizens instead of using the law to govern well. May we remind the Government lest they forget that this fledgling democracy we enjoy today as a country and people was earned on the sweat, blood, and reputation of venerable progressives and we are under revolutionary mandate to jealously protect same. By protecting this democracy, we honor the legacy of Comrade Gabriel Baccus Matthew, peace be to his arches; we honor the legacy of Dr. H. Boimah Fehnbulleh, we honor the legacy of Professor Alarry Togba, we honor the legacy of Cllr. Tiawan Saye Gongloe and the legacies of several other patriotic men who paid while some still continue to pay the price for which we enjoy the democratic space we occupy today. Their fight to get us to where we are and where we are headed was not for handful of people to use state power and trample upon the rights of the majority of the people. Let the caveat go out that we, meaning the EFFL, will ceaselessly fight against tyrants using democracy to suppress our people, even if will have to do so at the peril of our lives.

Liberian government’s U.S. Lobby

Fellow Liberians, Africa must rise up and stop this laziness. How can we ever be pride of being out of slavery, and have the audacity to speak about our fight for political independence and yet willingly subject ourselves to modern slavery? Only useless governments like the CDC-led government in Liberia will continue to do such in Africa. Paying millions of U.S. dollars to be enslaved is an act of craziness and must stop. We cannot and must not invite imperialist forces into the governance process of our country in particular and Africa in general, and the way to do so is by properly and equitably managing and distributing our God-given resources scattered all over the continent of Africa, to the benefit of all and not few of our people.

It’s about time we effectively manage the little we have properly for our people. Yes! We are in a global village and globalization is the new normal but how can you steal from your people in the name of lobbying for support? This is laziness in governance and it only point to outright failure in governance. We must invite our foreign friends and friendly governments around the table on account of our good deeds, but not to continue looting the country and then taking part of the loots, in absolute disservice to the people, run off to America only in the name of lobby.

Fellow citizens, the American embassy political office is aware of all the happenings in Liberia because they are operating the most powerful network of intelligence agencies. How is it that the CDC-led government will tell the US officials in America anything other than all that they already know?

To put it bluntly, the Weah’s administrations fiasco of a lobby venture to the U.S. was purely useless undertaking and a needless waste of essentially needed tax payers’ money, especially in a dwindling economy that has seen millions of dollars intended for mop up of excess liquidity vanished in thin air, with absolutely no one being held accountable.

Fellow citizens, the best lobby firm is located in our Executive Mansion, the National Legislature and the Judiciary. Govern your people well, stop the off budget spending, present quarterly budget performance reports in time to the Legislature, put an end to the broad daylight stealing in officialdom, implement the overwhelming recommendations for the establishment of the War and Economic Crimes Court and reconcile and unite the country around the core issues. These are the best forms of lobby that once initiated, will pay off and have a tremendously positive ripple down effect to benefit of all.

Members of the media, we will close by saying thanks for coming and thanks for being a very strong pillar of our democracy.

Long live Liberia; long live the good people of Liberia.

I thank you.

Emmanuel D. Gonquoi

President, EFFL



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