Full Statement: Emmanuel Gonquoi, EFFL President Goes On Hunger Strike At Central Prison

Fellow Fighters, progressive Forces in Liberia, Africa and beyond; fellow citizens and distinguished members of the Press both local and international, human rights advocates, ladies and gentlemen.

We have gathered here tonight for a singular objective which is to protect the image of our governing system and prevent political hyenas or unconscious nationalists from continuously looting our state.

The Economic Freedom Fighters of Liberia (EFFL) strongly condemns the arbitrary and unlawful incarceration of President Emmanuel Gonquoi and two (2) others fighters by Judge Jomah Jallah, the Stipendiary Magistrate by and through the Ministry of Justice, Republic of Liberia.

In the early hours of today August 9, 2021, President Gonquoi and an array of leaders arrived at the Temple of Justice (City Court) to turn himself over upon a writ of arrest issued him on charges of terroristic threat, simple assault, felonious restraint and disorderly conduct.

Provided by law; President Gonquoi led leaders and fighters of the EFFL to lock the entrances of the Legislature on grounds that they do not represent the interest of the general good of the ordinary masses.

It is with no secret that lawmakers on Capitol Hill disbursed amongst themselves United States Dollars ($30,000.00) for quote-on-quote legislative engagement which is squarely against the budget law of Liberia and at the same time usurping the functions of the Executive since they are not the spending arm of the government.

Cognizant of these constitutional violations, the government of Liberia is still seen intimidating peaceful citizens who are calling for accountability and transparency for which President Gonquoi is of no exception.

Presently, President Emmanuel Gonquoi and two (2) other fighters of the EFFL are spending the night at South Beach Prison due to the government of Liberia interference with the Judicial system thus preventing our legal team to secure a valid bond after all efforts were made.

Predicated upon these gross violations, President Gonquoi is now carrying on a HUNGER STRIKE while in prison and calling on the international community and all relevant stakeholders to immediately step in as the right to civil disobedience will not go unnoticed before situation gets worse which might create instability in the country by the ordinary people.

In the cause of the struggling masses, the struggle for total economic freedom, social justice remains unchanged.

Done and issue on this 9th day of August AD 2021 on behalf of the Central Revolutionary Council of the EFFL.

Ansumariam Dukuly
Chairman, EFFL.

Motto: “Owning Liberia Together”


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