Full Statement: Liberty Party SG Disappointed In Those Discrediting Foreign Investigators Of CPP FWD

This is the hypocrisy that you guys carry at every level, you run to the International community or partners whenever you feel that you are injured, cheated and don’t have justice.

Let me put it this way, most recently you paraded all your remaining lawmakers and the two dozen lawyers on your case in the streets carrying placards to the US Embassy, UNMIL office, EU office, etc. all in the name of getting justice.

Your colleague took a similar path and you are attempting to discredit him. This is a display of dishonesty, deception and the falsehood you regularly parade with. It has finally exposed the conspiracy and collusion you guys have set in motion against your colleague in the very opposition we all claimed will make Mr. Weah a one-term President.

Stop all this your egos and arrogance that you alone can beat Mr. Weah without coalition or alliance. Even Mr. Weah could not beat the then ruling party alone, it took CDC, NPP, LPDP and the Magic hand to defeat you guys and today instead of building coalition/collaboration, you are busy fighting to eliminate your colleague.

The American people, the International community and partners are places you run to seek redress and nobody should be denied the same path you regularly take.
When in your mind, the justice system in Liberia is going after you, you run with communications and parades to every embassy and all the offices of our international partners.
When your colleague is being unfairly treated by the same government with your assistance, you expect him to sit and look up to Mt. Everest, puaaah.

The Liberian people remain bigger than the display of anyone’s ego and arrogance.
The CPP remains the hope of the Liberian people in making Mr. Weah a one-term President. You claimed you love Liberia and empathize with the current conditions of our people but yet walking out of the CPP, the only hope and vehicle to deliver our people.

And yes of course, there will and must be consequences especially now that the international community knows exactly what’s happening.
This Omnia and Alaco joint report exposed the collusion and conspiracy against Mr. Cummings.

Martin Saye Kollah

Secretary General

Liberty Party

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