FULL STATEMENT:Dillon’s Former CoS Rubbishes Ex Boss Claims

Mr. Abraham Darius Dillon


Liberian Senate

Monrovia, Liberia

February 7, 2021

Mr. Dillon:

I am in receipt of a letter dated February 3, 2022 from your Administrative Assistant, Mr. John O. F. Kangbah, Jr., and the referenced letter from the Comptroller of the Senate, P. Bryant Cholopray, Sr., informing me that although I resigned my position as your Chief Of Office Staff (COS), salary payments were made to myUBA salary accounts for the period September 2021 to January 2022 and requesting me to respond to the “receipts of salaries” for the period indicated.

Senator, you will recall that I resigned my position as COS in writing to you on August 18, 2021 with the effective date of August 31, 2021(see attached). You accepted my resignation in writing in a public post on your Facebook page (see attached). As a personal office staffer to you, my salary accounts were opened upon submission of my name to the human resource/personnel office by you, which subsequently placed me on the payroll. Therefore, the onus and responsibility to remove me from the payroll, using the same method by which I was enrolled, was on you.

As a result of my resignation and your acceptance, I was of the understanding that the requisite process to remove my salary accountsfrom the Senate payroll, and ensure that deposits of salary payments were terminated, had been completed by you. Upon my resignation, I met with Loan Officers from the Liberian Bank for Development and Investment (LBDI), the holders of my mortgage loan, informed them of my resignation and tried to reschedule my loan. I was informed by the Loan Officer that the loan rescheduling could not be done because, at that time, the Central Bank had placed a moratorium on all loan rescheduling by LBDI. As a result of my unemployment status, I was aware that my loan payments were not being made. On November 9, 2021, LBDI representatives (Mr. Victor Momolu and team) met with me and confirmed that my loan was in default (see attached LBDI Oracle Statement of my account showing indebtedness) and reminded me that I needed to make payments to bring my loan current. I informed the bank representatives that I was expecting funds soon from a project I was working on and would remit the outstanding balance when I received the funds.

I was with the understanding that no salary payments were being deposited to my UBA salary accounts until I received the letter from your Administrative Assistant, Mr. Kangbah. Since I received the letter, I have retrieved copies of the bank statements (see attached) which confirms that salary deposits were indeed made to the accounts in the amount of $3,111.20USD and $127,098.00LRD or total amount combined $3,942.00USD for the five month period of September 2021 to January 2022 and that a portion of these funds were electronically transfer by UBA to LBDI to service my mortgage loan. As such, attached to this communication is check # 00045715 in the amount of $3,942.00USD which covers full restitution of the amounts balance in my account and transferred from these accounts to date. Please ensure that these accounts are closed effective immediately and that my name is removed from the payroll in order to avoid any future occurrence of this situation.

Having dealt with the matter of restitution, I am inclined to state for the record that I believe that this entire saga was a sinister plot concocted and carried out by you from the very beginning to incriminate me because of privately harbored ill feelings towards me as a result of the negative public and media backlash you received because of my resignation and my political stance in the Liberty Party (LP), which were not in consent with yours, as indicated below:

1) On August 30, 2021 two (2) other persons also resigned from your office: Administrative Assistant, Mr. D. Ulysses Barchueand Political Officer, Mr. Abel Nyumah Plackie (see resignation letters attached). Even though these gentlemen resigned almost two weeks after I did, they have confirmed to me that you properly processed with their removal from the payroll and that no monies have been deposited into their salary accounts since and they are ready and willing to publicly state so. It is clear to me that your failure to remove me from the payroll was not a simple lapse in performing your requisite administrative function but rather done with a sinister motive that you would be able to use against me in the future. Least I forget, Comptroller Cholopray of the Senate work under and report to Sen. NyonbleeKargar Lawrence, suspended political leader of LP, who is also the Senate Chair on Rules, Order and Administration.
2) The bank statement shows that although salary payments were deposited into my account after my resignation, I did not personally make any withdrawals or transactions on those accounts. It begs the question, why would I have knowledge of monies deposited into my account and not one day make a withdrawal or write a check against the account?  As financially straining as times are in Liberia now, I am certain that nobody of sound mind would have money sitting in a bank for three months and still be struggling to take care of their responsibilities.
3) The bank statement shows that although salary payments were made into my accounts as below, my mortgage loan, which was linked to the accounts, was never serviced for three months after my resignation:
a. August 30, 2021 –  US$620.29
b. August 30, 2021 –  LR$26,511.00
c. October 4, 2021 – US$620.33
d. October 4, 2021 – LR$26,487.93
e. November 5, 2021 – US$621.65
f. November 8, 2021 – LR$14,617.69

This is evidence that LBDI stopped deducting monies from my account for three months after I informed them that I was no longer in your employ.

Despite the fact that LBDI did not service my loan for three months and the LBDI loan officer (Mr. Victor Momolu & team) informed me on November 9 that my loan was in default, miraculously on November 17, 2021, less than a week later, UBA began electronically transfer to LBDI accounts to service my mortgage loan as follows:

a. November 17, 2021 – US$600
b. November 17, 2021 – US$600
c. November 17, 2021 – US$600
d. November 17, 2021 – LR$24,000
e. November 17, 2021 – LR$24,000
f. November 17, 2021 – LR$24,000

Additional salary payments and electronic transfers were made to my account as follows:

Salary Payments:

a. November 8, 2021 – LR$14,617.69
b. December 3, 2021 –  US$621.65
c. December 9, 2021 –  LR$24,402.12
d. December 17, 2021 –  US$621.75
e. December 17, 2021 –  US$25,647.03
f. December 30, 2021 –  LR$25,702.12
g. February 1, 2022 – US$625.74
h. February 2, 2022 – LR$23,459.29

Electronic Transfers:

a. December 29, 2021 – US$600
b. December 29, 2021 – US$600
c. December 29, 2021 – LR$24,000
d. December 29, 2021 – LR$24,000

This begs two questions. Why would I have knowledge of monies deposited into my account and not use it to pay my mortgage causing LBDI representatives to meet with me on November 9, 2021? No sound person would allow the security of a roof over their head to be placed in jeopardy if they had means to prevent it and knowledge of monies sitting in a bank account. What prompted UBA transferring from my account on November 17 and specifically debit six separate transactions on November 17 and four separate transactions on Dec 29 if this money was there all along? The paper trail of these transactions shows a deliberate attempt by you to implicate me in a scandal and furthers my belief that, despite your public utterances of well-wishes for my quest to represent the people of Montserrado, District 6, you had sinister motives that are eventually showing up.

This also begs the question, why did you decide to begin executing your sinister plan in November? It is because theopportunity came when on November 17, 2021 the LP served you a final notice of the delinquent status of your membership dues payment and that this delinquency, if not remedied, would result in your inability to participate in future LP National Executive Committee (NEC) meetings. This same communication was sent to all LP officers, including the LP Political Leader, Sen. Nyonblee Karnga-Lawrence who happens to be the Senate Chair on Rules, Order and Administration, to whom the Senate Comptroller reports. As Secretary-General of LP, the communication to you and Sen. Karnga-Lawrence was sent under my signature. There is no doubt in my mind, and I am sure in the minds of any reasonable person, that you viewed this action by me and other disagreements we had as justification for you to set your sinister plot in motion and kick off LBDI’s re-establishment of the UBA transfer from my account to service my mortgage loan. This gave you, through the Senate Comptroller, the opening to this questioning of my “receipts of salaries”. This was further exacerbated by my participation in the LP NEC vote on November 20, 2021 to suspend all officers with delinquent status, including you and Sen. Karnga-Lawrence, a vote in which I participated.

Senator, these malicious actions by you are disappointinglydisheartening to say the least. Especially so after I dedicated my life to working tirelessly as your Senatorial Campaign Manager/Coordinatorin two successive senatorial elections that brought you overwhelming victory. I did so without a dime of payment from you, but because I believed that I was contributing to a process that would bring about a much-needed change to our political dispensation. However, through several acts exhibited by you during and after this period, I became convinced that I was very mis-informed through your mastery of deception and this is what ultimately prompted my resignation as your COS. I could no longer work for an individual in whom I had lost trust and confidence. Over a period of time, my decision has been validated and the Liberian people have also come to see on a day to day basis what I saw and left.

Finally, I also accept that I held a responsibility to ensure that the salary bank accounts at UBA were closed, as they were in my name, and as such I am restituting the amounts used to service my mortgage loan to the office of the Comptroller of the Liberian Senate. But rest assured that just as you have shown your true colors in this andseveral other actions, I am convinced you will continue to do so because it is innate.

EVERYTHING that you have done in the dark will surely come to the light in due time.


Martin Saye Kollah

Your Former COS Since August 31, 2021


Cc:Mr. John O. F. Kangbah, Jr., Administrative Assistant/Senator A. D. Dillon

Mr. P. Bryant Cholopray, Sr, Senate Comptroller

Hon. Albert Chea, Senate Pro Tempore

Liberty Party National Executive Committee

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