God Moves Powerfully Among Liberia’s Unreached

By Katey Hearth


Liberia (MNN) — There’s a spiritual revolution underway in Liberia.

Helen Williams of World Missionary Press cannot name WMP’s partner for security reasons. But she says this group is bringing the Good News of Christ to people groups who’ve never heard. “Their goal is to go where the Gospel is not already present,” Williams says, describing the partner.

As described here, Christian literature is difficult to obtain in Liberia.  World Missionary Press provides French New Testaments so the partner can introduce people to Christ. Scripture comes in handy for discipleship, too.

“The primary idea is to get the Word there and to free these people from the bondage they’re in,” Williams explains.

Partners tell WMP oppression is common in unreached villages. “These are areas where there is a strong demonic presence. The villages are run by spiritual leaders that are adherents of Satan’s control,” Williams says.

According to local believers, one city was ‘unreachable.’ “[Our partners] were told, ‘don’t bother to go there. It would be impossible to start a church there,’” Williams says. Outreach took a few years to begin, but “today they have assisted in starting churches in that area, and [are] already building church buildings.”

Another unreached village was “probably the most powerful stronghold of Satan in Liberia,” Williams recalls from the partner’s latest update. “He said, ‘As I was going from house to house, three men came up and stayed behind me like shadows all the time I was there’.”

The men did not harm WMP’s partner. Instead, they provided help and protection.

“Later, he found out one had a dream that a white man was going to come with some Bible material, and this man should follow him,” Williams says. After studying God’s Word with WMP’s partner, the men were baptized.

“Two of them are now pastors of churches in that region. The third man works with them in their printing press and repairs bikes and things like that.”

“People can donate to World Missionary Press [and] if they want to, they can designate ‘this is for the work in Liberia’, or ‘this is for the work in Sierra Leone’, or anything in that region,” Williams says.

Most importantly, pray. “We need prayer to know what to print and to get it to the field. West Africa has 393 unreached tribes of 147 million people, so the opportunities are great,” Williams says.

“[Pray] that God would protect these teams [going] into areas controlled by the enemy. This is spiritual warfare, big time.”

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