Government requests GSMs to return to unlimited three days free calls

The Liberian government has requested GSM companies to return to the original unlimited three days calls for a dollar according to a highly placed source.

GSMs are reportedly readjusting their systems to begin a process that brought economic relief before to thousands of citizens nationwide dubbed ‘Three days free calls.’

The ongoing behind the scenes negotiations have seen challenges lately as some companies vehemently refused to accept the deal given another was refusing the three days service, but our source says things are beginning to get in motion and three days ‘Free calls’ might return before the week closes.

LTA recently frowned on GSM for the surcharge placed on voice and data after LTA also made additional cost to GSMs.

There has been a complete standstill between GSMs and the regulatory body, Liberia Telecommunication Authority with civil society, opposition and other stakeholders taking advantage and setting up protest plans.

The LTA called the action of the GSMs illegal and arbitrary and asked for an immediate action to rescind the decision to no avail.

‘The LTA regards this act as illegal price fixing, collusion, and antitrust conspiracy. Under relevant provisions of the Liberia Telecommunications Act of 2007, no ‘Term Services” can be increased without approval of the LTA,’ they said in a statement.

They said, their order 0016-02-25-19 resulted in the imposition of a Floor Price on Voice and Data, under which the MNOs eliminated the 3 day free call last year September.

“The New Term of Services” been promoted is far in excess of what is required for implementation of any order and designed for profiteering and political purposes” a release form the LTA said.

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