Grand Gedeans Join Gbi-Doru To Complete President Weah Farm In Nimba

A team of 24 men from Chayee Town in Gboe Gbarzon District, Grand Gedeh County have joined the people of Gbi-Doru District to complete the brushing of President George M. Weah’s farm in Nimba County.

The farm, which is situated in Geeyah, Lower Nimba County, was completed on Saturday, March 20, 2021.

Speaking to our reporter recently in Dorgbor Town, Lower Nimba County, the two heads of delegation said their presence was in adherence to the Gbi-Doru Commissioner, James Karr’s letter addressed to them for the completion of the President’s farm in that  part of the country.

For their part, Gibson Fiabrou, Associate Magistrate at the Chayee Town Magisterial Court and Arthur Yonton, Township Commissioner of Chayee Town, Grand Gedeh County said it took them a day to complete the brushing or clearing of the President’s farm.

“We brought 24 men to complete the remaining piece of bush and that was done within a day. We wanted to bring 50 men but the remaining portion was not large,” the two heads of delegation said. 

Both Fiabrou and Yonton said they took the Gbi-Doru Commissioner’s communication seriously due to their closeness with the district (Gbi-Doru) and that working on the President’s farm was good because he is the President of all Liberians.

They noted that President Weah is their father and son, thus making a farm in Gbi-Doru means a lot to the people of Gboe District since the founder of Dorgbor Town is a descendant of the Gboe District in Grand Gedeh County.

Fiabrou and Yonton said the people of Gboe District want to be a part of President’s farm project from now on until he (President Weah) leaves the presidency.

The two heads of delegation went on to appeal to President Weah to help link their area with Geeyah where his farm is situated so as to enable them get to the farm quickly by means of motorbike.

“We want to be attached to the farm of the President but the only way we can get on the farm quickly is when the road is cleared by yellow machine, so we want the people of Gbi-Doru to convey our message to the President to help link us so we can work together on this farm.”

According to the two men, it takes five hours walking distance from Cestos River in Gboe Distirct in Grand Gedeh County to reach Geeyah in Lower Nimba County where President Weah’s farm is located.

They said by working together, it will bring about peace and development among the two districts in Grand Gedeh and Nimba Counties.

Besides the brushing or clearing of the farm, they disclosed that what is remaining now is the felling of trees. However, individuals connected to Commissioner James Karr stated that he was in Monrovia to negotiate with the President for power saw to enable them cut down trees on the farm as their next target.

It can be recalled that President Weah and officials of government during the first leg of his county tour were seen on his farm in Geeyah, Lower Nimba County on February 19, 2021 brushing to encourage the workers and would be farmers in his government to follow suit.             

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