‘Harassment of Opposition Voices Must Stop,’ Cummings on Incarceration and subsequent Release of UP SG Mo Ali

Alexander B. Cummings, Political Leader of the Alternative National Congress (ANC) and former Chairman of the Collaboration Political Parties (CPP), has lashed at the Liberian government following the arrest and detention of Unity Party Secretary General Mo Ali at the Police Headquarters having being invited for questioning.

According to Cummings, who initially accompanied Ali along with other CPP officials at the police headquarters, the Liberian government should know that the constant intimidation and harassment of opposition voices must stop.

“The “Us Versus Them” response of the Liberian government to issues that affect the entire country is inimical to our peace. The government is very divisive in its approach and constantly threatens free speech.”

Cummings reminds the government that freedom of speech is a fundamental right that must be protected at all times.

“I am very concerned about the decision of the Liberia National Police to declare Mr. Mohammed (Mo) Ali, the Secretary General of the Unity Party, one of the constituent parties of the Collaborating Political Parties (CPP), a “wanted man” for merely expressing a personal opinion on Facebook. The declaration of Mr. Ali as “wanted” barely a day after inviting him to the headquarters of the LNP – even after his legal representation explained why he would not immediately attend to the police invitation – is clearly an intimidation tactic of the government to use the LNP against opponents. This is alarming and unacceptable!!!”

Cummings said instead of focusing on real crimes, the government of Liberia, using the LNP as its instrument, is repeatedly going after Liberian citizens for making Facebook posts.

By doing so, the opposition politician claimed that the LNP is neglecting its constitutional duty.

Cummings added that instead of harassing law abiding citizens, it should be focused on monitoring communities to keep Liberians safe, and going after the criminals who kill Liberian professionals.

“I expect the CDC government to STOP these actions and begin respecting the human rights and fundamental freedoms of the Liberian people, rather than wasting taxpayers’ money to harass and intimidate opponents. This behavior is definitely not conducive for a country struggling mightily to put behind its ugly past. We must all remember that war came to this country because some people in power thought they were above the law and started to suppress and harass others persistently. We are witnessing a return of those ugly days as Liberians are being harassed, and the police are being used as a weapon for intimidation.”

Cummings said he is deeply worried about the safety of not only Mo Ali, but those of his family members and all CPP leadership.

“I want to call on all Liberians to stand with Mr. Ali and ensure that his rights, and the rights of all Liberians, are respected. Liberia will not truly enjoy the fruits of democracy if citizens cannot freely express themselves and live happily doing so. Liberia Deserves Better!!!”

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