Her Voice Liberia Commemorates Int’l Day of the Girl Child

..Calls on Government to protect girls

Her Voice Liberia (HVL) Monday, October 11, 2021, joined more than twenty girls in Cesto, Rivercess County to celebrate this year’s International Day of the Girl Child (IDGC). This year’s celebration is held under the global theme: “Digital generation. Our generation” Nationally “Building Digital gap for girls in Liberia”.

The day was established in 2011 by the United Nations General Assembly and it is meant to recognize the rights of girls and highlight the unique challenges they face around the world. Day of the Girl Child is an annual and internationally recognized observance on October 11 that empowers girls and amplifies their voices. International Day of the Girl Child acknowledges the importance, power, and potential of adolescent girls by encouraging the opening up of more opportunities for them. At the same time, this day is designated to eliminate gender base challenges that little girls face around the world, including child marriages, poor learning opportunities, violence, and discrimination.

Speaking at a colorful ceremony in Cestos, Rivercess County, little Fatim Nigba called on the Government of Liberia to protect the rights of girls and should never allow people to abuse and discriminate among them.

“As we celebrate this year 2021 International Day of the Girl Child with global theme: “Digital Generation, Our Generation” and National theme: “Building Digital gap for girls in Liberia” We are calling on the Government to protect us”. She averred.

Little Fatim said many girls have been abused and harassed online daily.

“Every day we see nude pictures and videos of little girls being shared on Facebook, in group chats, and WhatsApp etc.. and nothing is being done to curtail it”; something she calls on the Government of Liberia to protect them against.

According to her girls are vulnerable, and Society has labeled them so badly, she wants Government to treat and make girls so special because they are the future of any nation.

Little Fatim Nigba named rape and sexual abuse as common abuses adolescent girls continue to suffer in Liberia.
Her Voice Liberia (HVL) is a non- Governmental and non-profit organization founded in 2014 in response to maltreatment of women and children, and violation of their rights and other practices, which have been alarmingly widespread and prevalent since the Liberian Civil War. The establishment of Her Voice is from the background of the high increase of violence meted out against women and children in Liberia.

Currently, Her Voice Liberia is conducting capacity-building training for grassroots women with the aim of empowering them through soap making.

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