House Press Director Haynes Recognizes Mrs. Ida Freeman Kamanor as Most Outstanding Staff

The Director of Press Bureau at the House of Representatives, Robert Haynes Thursday has recognized and lauded one of the Bureau’s staffers as the most outstanding staff of the month of January, 2022.

Director Haynes said Madam Ida Kamanor has worked tirelessly and is still committed to her job without an eye service.

He presented her a certificate and a gift and further stressed that his move is in recognition of the staff’s valuable services and exceptional performance on the job, promising to always acknowledge the efforts of his workers in the Press & Public Affairs Department at the House of Representatives.

At the same time, Director Robert Haynes has also encouraged other staffers of that august body Press Bureau to follow suit and always exhibit high level of professionalism on the job.

In remarks, Madam Kamanor expressed excitement and gratitude to the Director of Press at the House of Representatives for the recognition, terming the gesture as a motivation to her.

She averred that since her inception in the Bureau it is the first time for a Director to public recognize the performance of a staff.

The House Press Bureau Staff of the Month of January also encouraged her fellow teammates to be dutiful.

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