House To Repeal Law Granting Amnesty To War Criminals

Montserrado District #11 Representative Richard Nagbe Koon has drafted a proposed law seeking to abolish the power of the President from granting amnesty to war and economic crimes criminals in the country.

The Bill entitled “Repealing An Act to Grant Immunity from both Civil and Criminal proceedings against all persons within the jurisdiction of the Republic of Liberia, from acts and or crimes committed during the civil war from December 1989 to August 2003” was introduced in Plenary Thursday, 3 February during the 8th day sitting of the House of Representatives.

In his Communication to his colleagues, the Montserrado Electoral District #11 Representative described the law granting amnesty to those who committed hideous crimes as nourishing and supporting acts of impunity; something he said has the tendency to undermine peace, security and social justice.

According to him, the law has been in existence for the past 19 years and succeeded in preventing those involved from facing justice, after destroying lives and properties without remorse.

“I call on this Honorable House of Representatives of the 54th legislature to repeal the act granting amnesty to all war and economic criminals. The spirit and intent of the act has been more harmful to the Liberian society”. Rep. Koon says

Following the reading of the instrument, plenary endorsed a motion proffered by Rep. Ivar Jones of Margibi County District#2; to forward the draft law to the House’s committees on Judiciary and National Security to review and advise plenary within two weeks.

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