How MSC Shipping Line Frustrates A Young Liberian Entrepreneur; Causes Him Hundreds of Dollars In Losses

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and owner of the Innovation International Group of Companies, Mr. Roosevelt Roachina Harvey, is accusing the Mediterranean Shipping Company (MSC) of causing him hundreds of thousands of dollars in losses over the company’s refusal to reimburse his company for an unprofessional level of job done.

Mr. Harvey’s Innovation Group is the sole authorized dealer of Smiroff Ice Drinks to which he recently added the much popular fruit juice, Chi Exotic.

MSC is a world leader in global container shipping and a company that prides itself on offering global service with local knowledge, the company’s website boosts. But contrary to this, the Liberian office of MSC operating in a country with huge maritime potential is on the brink of public ridicule at the hands of a very desperate looking CEO of Innovation International Group of Companies.

According to Mr. Harvey, MSC’s unprofessional handling of his consignment that led to it being damaged has caused him serious financial and emotional losses. The goods in question are 2,260 cartoons of Smiroff Ice Can Drinks (330 ml) on a 20 foot container worth ?

According to him, Red Star Freight of Lagos, Nigeria handed over the consignment to MSC on May 29, 2021 and despite MSC’s promised transit time of 11 days, the consignment arrived Monrovia August 7, 2021, more than 65 days later with all goods on board completely damaged!!!

The young Liberian entrepreneur lamented that repeated attempts to have MSC’s Operations and Logistics Supervisor, Mr. Clarence S. Gartor engaged over the matter have only resulted to non-compliance from the latter including his refusal to honor an invitation for a joint survey of the damaged cargo.

At the same time, Innovation International Group has threatened a legal against MSC if full reimbursement of said amount is not made.

MSC says they are already engaged with a legal aspect of the matter and won’t respond to the media.

Details on this developing story…..

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