Huge Government Delegation Meets LAC Management and Ground Staff Family

Ever since an employee of the Liberian Agriculture Company gruesomely lost his life to a grinding machine, every attention has been on the company.

While there are reports on a temporary shutdown of the site, several high profile persons have been visiting the company.

A joint delegations of the Executive and the Senate Committee on Labour Saturday, August 28, 2021 visited LAC to understand the actual circumstances that led to the industrial accident which resulted to the death of Emmanuel Joe.

According to a Labor Ministry’s social media post, the delegations met and held discussion with the Management, Workers Union and Family of the late Joe.

Labor and Agriculture Ministers, Senators of various committees concerned were all in attendance at Saturday’s gathering.

His death has created renewed discussions around safety as company facilities across the country.

Another reported lack of safety led to mass explosion at Sethi Brothers, a company into steel and household utensils.

Actual discussions and decisions reached with LAC has not been known till date.

Some of the equipment at the company have been there for decades without 21st century modernization leading to human cleaning which resulted in the death of an employee.

The death of Emmanuel has created panic amongst employees at LAC and other places.

The delegations also inspected the factory where the took place.

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