‘I will order my men to beat him,’ Rep. Vincent Willie threatens NPA boss for reported campaign intrusion

Grand Bassa Representative Vincent Willie has threatened to order the flogging of NPA boss, Bill Twehway if he continues intrusion into his campaign activities.

Rep. Willie told Okay FM Morning show that over the weekend as he held a massive event in the county, the NPA boss drove into the crowd out of disrespect for him and the campaign laws of the country.

The Bassa lawmaker said even with police intervention and a detour established, the NPA boss deliberately refused to use the route given.

Hon. Tweahway has not been available for comments but there has been visible involvement of the NPA boss in Bassa, Rivercess and Bomi politics amongst others.

Via telephone, Hon. Twehway later said Vincent is his nephew and indeed he was in Bassa on Saturday but used the detour designated by the LNP.

Hon. Twehway said it is disrespectful for Vincent to speak to his elder in such disparaging way and hope he will follow tradition.

Rep. Willie said the action of the NPA boss is a clear violation of the Code of Conduct for public officials.

Bill Twehway resigned from CDC campaign team after hell broke loose that the CoC was being violated by several appointees being named to a campaign team.

Following the resignation of Hon. Twehway, he has repeatedly remained on the campaign trail, though he says he’s in no violation.

He was recently making donations in Bomi County for former Speaker Alex Tyler who is the CDC Senatorial candidate for Bomi County.

He was also seen in some villages in Rivercess where he hails from campaigning as well.

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