Ignoring alleged sexual harassment claims, Senate holds confirmation for Kemayah today ; women celebrate

Several women from different organizations have gathered on Capitol Hill ahead of the confirmation of Dee Maxwell Kemayah, Foreign Minister designate, Republic of Liberia who has since been caught in the web of alleged sexual harassment.

The women are calling for a snub of allegations of sexual harassment by Amb. Kemayah by a staff at the Liberian Permanent Representative at the United Nations, Madam Wynee Cummings Wilson.

Before his nomination to the top Foreign Ministry’s post by His Excellency George Weah, Amb. Kemayah has been representing Liberia at the UN.

His nomination for his new role took an immediate turn when an employee at the UN, Liberia Mission alleged that he forced her into a kiss which she later termed sexual harassment.

Madam Wynee Cummings Wilson, according to documents released to social media, has written separately to the US Mission at the UN, UN authorities and Madam Piso Saydee Tarr, Liberia’s Minister of Gender with Cc to several top Liberian officials over the Ambassador designate alleged sexual harassment.

Said Madam Wilson ‘ Approximately nine months ago on January 8, 2020 ( which happens to be my birthday), the mission staff had a small celebration for me. After the event while I was about to leave and head home, Amb. Kemayah called me to his office and locked the door, and I was sexually harassed by him.’

Capitol Hill is tensed with hundreds of women gathered in an awkward mood, not to support a woman’s cause but to dismiss it completely.

Government earlier called for an investigation into the matter but it remains unclear if such investigation was ever done or concluded before the commencement of confirmation hearings.

Details are still coming up!!

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