It Gets Bloody In PLP, Acting SG Shot

The division in PLP took a new trend over the weekend when its Acting Secretary General got shot by unknown gunmen on motorbikes.

David Bryan was shot by men said to be wearing masks who tailed his vehicle while heading home from party and family function in Kakata.

This comes when the party has been engulfed is serious division leading to dismissal of four persons and subsequent expulsion.

Though many of the top partisans expelled have said they resigned earlier and turned over party’s assets in their possession, the national/public space has been covered with claims and counter claims over leadership within the party.

Cassell’s PLP believes that Wilmot Paye, Party’s Chair, the SG and Youth Chair were ‘bad apples’ within the party whose removal will now pave the way for the forward march of the entity. At county levels some drastic changes have also be made; all happening before a national convention.

At the same time the four embattled leaders have been revealing damaging things about Dr. Cassell including what they his mining activities, dictatorial tendency and other vices. Though beyond politics Cassell has been a businessman, with ownership of psychology entity, security firm, farm etc.

The controversy has created huge division with the alleged shooting of the Acting SG has since created panic amongst political actors in the country.

The 3am incident leaves actors to believe that it’s getting bloody in the months old People Liberation Party that initially began on a good footing.

The police is yet to find the perpetrators!

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