Jallah Leads Early Lofa By-election Results 

The National Elections Commission (NEC) on Thursday, June 30, 2022 released preliminary results for the Lofa County Senatorial by-elections held on June 28, 2022. The results represent 83.92% of total votes from 381 polling places.

Independent candidate Joseph Kpator Jallah leads with 20,482 votes (40.61 %), followed by Galarkpai Kortimai of Unity Party (UP) with 16,666 (33.04%) and Mariamu Fofana with 5,456 (10.82) as well as Independent Candidate Momo G. Cyrus with 4,753 (9.42%). Others are former Senator Sumo Kupee at 1,908 (3.78%), whereas  Dr. George Samah secured 1,176 votes (2.3%).

Prior to the election, Cllr. Jallah has been a significant political challenger in Lofa County politics via his consistency in finishing second in two successive elections (2014 and 2020) and third in 2011.

Since 2011, he has maintained political consistency in terms of vote totals. For example, when he ran in 2011, he finished fourth with 12,420 votes out of 91,402 legitimate votes cast with the participation of 10 candidates.

Cllr. Jallah finished second to Senator Stephen Zargo in 2014, with 8,570 votes out of 48,812 total valid votes cast, with the involvement of 9 candidates, including Kupee and Kortimai, who finished fourth and sixth respectively. In 2020, Jallahfinished second to Brownie Samukai with 13,968 votes out of 64,252 valid votes cast with 11 candidates competing.

In 2011, he finished second behind former Senator George Tengbeh in District One with a vote of 1,403, third to Tengbehin District Two with a vote of 1,975, and first in District Three with a vote of 5,508.

In 2011, Jallah received 8,886 votes, representing 71.54 percent of his 12,420 votes, with the remaining 28.46 percent coming from upper Lofa. Similarly, in the 2020 midterm senatorial election, he received 11,157 votes from lower Lofa, accounting for 79% of his total votes cast.

Interestingly, with the exception of District One, where he finished fourth, he finished first in Districts Two and Three, with higher vote totals than in previous years.

Due to the lack of many possible candidates in the lower District, these figures rose in the by-election, putting Jallah in a far more comfortable position in Lower Lofa.

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