Jewel Howard Taylor, the Vice President who supports Bridge International Academies Bad Labor Against Fellow Liberians To Get Support For Her Foundation Sponsorship

Jewel StarFish Foundation receives huge sponsorship from mafia company, Bridge International Academies in hundreds of thousands of dollars making her to ignore the plights of several Liberians subjected to inhumane treatment at the company.

While many would think the first female Vice President of the country will be concerned about bad labor practices and other vices against Liberians, she remains a key perpetrator. The VP remains a buddy to the company’s owner Dr. Shannon May who’s based in Kenya.

Bridge International Academies now New Globe or Bridge Liberia manages several schools in Liberia through the influence of the Vice President and Education Minister D. Ansu Sonii.

Former Deputy Information Minister under President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf  Gbovadeh Gbilia is the new Managing Director after a Kenyan national Griffin Asigo was disgracefully removed from Liberia due to excesses carried out while in charge.

The company makes millions of dollars from foreign donors and spends a meager on Liberian schools with crumbs to several officials that keeps them silent perpetrating mayhem.

The company has seen the Liberian educational system deteriorate before the eyes of the VP in her vote-rich Bong County and other places across the country yet the VP basically cares about how much her Foundation receives than what happens to Liberians employees.

Though the Liberian Legislature and other stakeholders have held the entity culpable of wrongful dismissals and bad labor, the VP enjoys their confidence and does nothing to stop them.

With several complaints from employees to the VP over bad labor, corruption and other vices the VP vehemently ignores and wines and dines with the company in the full glare of the public.

Labor Ministry recently held the company liable for illegal dismissal and bad labor in the amount of at-least forty thousand USD but the company has refused to pay due to the VP and Education Minister protection.

Labor Ministry is now proceeding to the Labor Court at the Temple of Justice to call for full enforcement of the matter after a letter from the victim surfaced on the desk of the President, His Excellency George Weah.

It leaves many to wonder that the VP who has been in the news as a reported victim of suppression and misrepresentation in her government will herself be perpetrating an act against another Liberians through a foreign company.


Madam Taylor is yet to speak to the matter, details to follow…

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