Karnwea Rejects Sen. Lawrence’s Appointment; Uses Party’s Reliance

Former Liberty Party Vice Standard Bearer Harrison Karnwea has given reasons for quitting a Special Committee set up by the party’s Political Leader, Senator Nyonblee Karnga-Lawrence of Grand Bassa County.

Karnwea, also a former Internal Affairs Minister, was appointed by Senator Karnga-Lawrence to probe the alleged altering of the party’s constitution but refused to serve on the Special Committee.

According to him, there is no need for the establishment of this Special Committee of Inquiry in the first place because the Claims, Petitions and Investigations Committee (CPIC) exists as the Constitutional Committee to do this investigation.

He added that the National Advisory Council (NAC) also exists as another constitutional structure to review and advise.

Moreover, Karnwea made it known that it would be a complete conflict of interest to involve any member of the NAC on such a committee whose work requires review by the Advisory County.

“Come to think of this, Madame Political Leader; has it even crossed your mind that if a report of such a committee reaches the NAC, only two persons on the AC, former Chairman Ben Sanvee and Mrs. Mark and Randall-Boayou would be qualified to review and advise on the work of such committee. Is this such an embarrassing situation that renders the NAC compromised and irrelevant that you would relish and or envisage?”

For Karnwea, the only way to do such is to allow the internal structures to proceed as advised by the National Elections Commission (NEC).

“Please remember that all that we do internally in the LP must meet up with NEC requirements or else we risk being shamed again by being sent home to proceed properly,” he cautioned.

Karnwea went on to say that the Liberty Party cannot afford to lose its place as a party that is a respecter of law in Liberia. “In as much as I believe that your complaint and concerns contained therein as raised to the National Elections Commission (NEC) are grave and require serious attention to establish veracity as well as chairman Musa Bility’s response to your complaint to the NEC are issues worth looking into very thoroughly to establish what is right or wrong. I think you are a party to the complaint and cannot in this case be qualified to proceed to constitute a committee that investigates your complaint,” he pointed out.

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