Whistleblower Liberia

Whistleblower Liberia

Koijee Debunks Jestina Taylor ‘Lies’ In Live Radio/TV Faceoff

Spoon TV popular Night Time Show, Spoon Talk, Wednesday evening saw huge debate between Monrovia City Mayor, Jefferson Tamba Koijee and his accuser Jestina Taylor.

Amongst many accusations, Madam Taylor stated that Koijee is an ally of Chuckie Taylor, who mentored him during the Presidency of Charles Taylor and has since been behind many happenings in the country including having her raped and taken to an undisclosed location.

Madam Taylor continued that the Monrovia City mayor was amongst many people in 2002 who recruited other Liberians through Grand Gedeh County to stage war in the Ivory Coast.

The discussion followed by thousands worldwide saw more allegations from the former NSA/NBI personnel, Jestina Taylor who also named the current Superintendent of Maryland George Prowd as being one of those recruiters during the Ivorian saga; the show host had earlier out of over-excitement told the audience that Mayor Koijee requested his accuser face him one on one, ‘A commendable gesture from a public official,’ the hosts said.

Jestina Taylor at the same time stated that between 1998/99 Koijee lived on Clay/Perry Street on Capitol Bye-Pass and by September of 2012 he was an active player in the Ivory Coast incursion.

But the Monrovia Mayor labelled the ex NBI/NSA operative Jestina Taylor as a pathological liar bent on tarnishing his hard earned reputation.

He said at no time did he stay on Perry Street and by 1998/1999 he was a kid staying with his uncle in some remote town of Liberia; he swore to his life that he ever touched Madam Taylor or ever interacted with her.

‘I was living with my uncle in the village by then,’ he sounded. He also narrated that September of 2012 he was in the United States and the records can be traced that no time did he enter Ivory Coast or recruit soldiers at any time in Liberian history.

George Prowd, Maryland Superintendent who phoned into the show Wednesday night expressed disappointment in Madam Taylor that he at no time held a gun or been a part of any warring faction. He labeled her as being a complete storyteller who’s hanging onto every straw to tarnish people due to her hate for the regime.

He said in 2012 he was an employee of the Cavalla Rubber Company (CRC) and could not be with such private venture and be at war front at the same time. In fact, the Maryland Superintendent said he did not in any time hear of Jestina Taylor until recently when she was being spoken about on air.

As many clarifications filtered in on the Spoon Show, Madam Jestina Taylor burst into tears for what is yet to be known though Mayor Koijee and the show hosts prevailed on her to come back on and clear herself.

‘The CDC came into being 2004 and it’s not possible that by 2002 we were already recuting armed men for war into another country,’ Koijee maintained.

Jestina Taylor is currently in Ivory Coast seeking, what she termed as medical attention for severe rape and trauma she said she had gone through as a result of rape and other treatment.

Before being flown out by well-wishers and financers, Jestina Taylor reported US interview was blocked while she was seeking medical attention at Catholic Hospital, something that led to a standoff; whether there was ever an interview booked is unknown to date as the Embassy refused to comment on the matter publicly.

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