Whistleblower Liberia

Whistleblower Liberia

LAC Presents Maintenance Equipment For Company and Community Roads Rehabilitation

The management of the Liberian Agricultural (LAC) has presented a brand new front-hand loader for road maintenance within the company’s territorial confines and parts beyond.

During the presentation program, LAC’s Human Resource and Administration Manager Harry M. Attoh said the management will continue to improve and bring to the LAC management the quality that they deserve as an institution by not only improving on manpower but also and more importantly, the provision of the equipment or machines that are needed to impact the kind of work that is needed to be done for the good of all.

Making special remarks, the Workshop Manager, Tirupathi Dveraj Krishna lauded the management’s gesture and said the machine will be maintained and used for its intended purpose.

General Manager of LAC Vijay Maira stated Everything in this universe is God’s property and it becomes the responsibility for us to take care of it for the fact that anything that is given by God to us should be protected by us since we are the protector and as a will of God, we must conduct ourselves and make sure that his property be taken care off’’.

Mr. Maira noted that God has given the equipment to the management of LAC as a benefit for use on the rubber plantation to maintain better roads, better output in the factory and all jobs that the machine can perform.

He emphasized that the machine must be handled with care and that it should benefit the good of the company and the community which they serve.

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