LACC Chairman Vows To Run To Supreme Court 

The Chairman of the Liberia Anti-Corruption Commission (LACC), Cllr. Edwin Martin has threatened legal action against the Liberian government following the legislative amendment done to the act creating the LACC.

The LACC Chairman has vowed to ensure that every remedy within the law will be applied consistent with due process to make sure that those things that were not corrected can be corrected by the Supreme Court.

The new Act creating the reestablishment of the institution will constitute independent panels that will be established to nominate individuals to head the institution.

The reestablishment of the LACC will as well create room for all Commissioners and key employers to be terminated and be allowed to reapply to the board of independent panels who will recommend to the President for consideration.

According to the new act, interested applicants for commissioners will apply to the board of independent committee to be vetted and after which the President makes determination based on the recommendation that will come from the board.

As result, the action by the Legislature has prompted the LACC Chairman to say that this is a clever attempt to abolish the fight against corruption in Liberia.

Cllr. Martin pointed out that the act of the Legislature is purely intended to make the current LACC to be dissolved.

He explained: “The current law was established to ensure that they prosecute corrupt officials consistent with law in a certain time frame if the Ministry of justice fails.” 

Notwithstanding, he indicated that the new Act passed by the Legislature does not have that  authority.

The Government of Liberia through the Legislature, as stated by Cllr. Martin, cannot simultaneously amend, create and dissolve tenure positions.

He insisted that in order to do what the Legislature did through the Executive Branch, it is a clearer attempt to witch-hunt the present LACC administration.

The LACC Chairman went on to say that the only reason why the Legislature amended the act in the manner and form it did is because his administration stands up for the truth.

Meanwhile, in the wake of claims of insecurity raised by the LACC Chairman, the Liberia National Police (LNP) says it takes his concern seriously and is acting accordingly to ensure his personal safety and wellbeing.

Thus, the LNP has offered to increase the security presence of its officers providing protection for the LACC Chairman as he serves the country in the fight against graft.

Since the public disclosure by Cllr. Martin of threats against his life, the LNP stated that it has made efforts to beef up his security detail, but has not been successful due to his reported absence from his home, as the additional security officers were told.

“We have assigned and dispatched additional armed security to the home of the LACC boss to ensure his personal security, but were told that Cllr. Martin is out and upon return he will make such request to the LNP,” police spokesman Moses Carter stated.

The LNP assured all public officials that it takes seriously the security of every official of this government carrying out responsibilities that render them vulnerable and will not waiver in its duties of ensuring public safety and the collective security of all citizens.

The LNP leadership assures Cllr. Martin of its fullest priority in ensuring that his personal security is guaranteed.

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