Lack of food, pardiem and abandonment mar Bridge Int’l teachers training

Bridge International, the global educational brand continues to face backlashes for the way it has and continues to treat its staff including teachers working within the program.

A three day teachers and principal training held at Intosh Public School in Careysburg was marred by abandonment, lack of food and pardiem to enable attendees return to their places of school.

Many attendees had to give valuables as collateral as a way of getting cash to return home, with the company only saying the teachers should keep checking their phones for alerts which are yet to come till this publication.

Kendeja Public School sent just two of its teachers with the rest of the staff abandoning the entire training exercise.

Kendeja is one of several schools wanting to vacate the Bridge program brought to the country by the Ellen Johnson Sirleaf regime under the supervision of George Werner who reports have it, still runs the program from behind the scenes.

‘On day one we couldn’t even find food to eat or water to drink, it was a very horrible experience’ one teacher spoke to Whistleblower on condition of anonymity.

The three days refresher workshop was expected to train teachers and principals for the commencement of school Dec 1, 2020 but some schools remain in a horrible state with no renovation done as several other teachers and principals snubbed the three days event.

At Intosh Public School in Careysburg where the event was held, benches and outlook of the facility lie in ruin.

Many are of the belief that with these crucial looks, parents will hardly want to send their kids to school at the facility again.

Bridge International is a multi million dollar company raising millions for impoverished societies like Liberia but little being done by the organization to change lives except fancy media publicity stunt.

It took the President of Liberia recently to begin renovation of Kendeja Public School after seeing its deplorable state; one of hundreds of schools run by Bridge.

Sources say the President is disappointed in Bridge International given the state many of their schools are in and the negativity daily in the media; he’s expected to be fully briefed when he dedicates the school soon.

Kendeja’s Principal Marthaline Harris has been quick to say she will remove her school from the program and place under First Lady Clar Hope Foundation.

Several bad labor practices of the program remain unaddressed up to present.

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