Lady Discovered Dead On Sinkor Beach

Residents of 17th Street community in Sinkor, Monrovia awoke with news of a lady whose lifeless remains were discovered on the beach along the Atlantic Ocean.

Some eyewitnesses claimed that the body of the deceased was dropped there during the early morning hours of Tuesday, September 14, 2021 but they did not say who did so.

At the same time, no one has been able to identify the dead woman as open pleas were made to any family in search of a missing relative to go to the scene, though the police has since arrived and done a mini examination.

The community chairman of the area disclosed that the residents woke him up during the early morning hours and informed him about the discovery of the dead woman.

He stated that the Liberian National Police was immediately contacted and promised to inform the John F. Kennedy Medical Center to take delivery of the corpse.

The media was alerted and the face of the deceased shown to the public for recognition to no avail.

The act of seeing dead people has gotten the country worried especially after a lady announced recently of being kidnapped while using a bike.

The lady explained a white handkerchief was used to get her unconscious before taking her to what she described as a butcher camp.

She revealed she was only saved by God’s grace after it was noticed she wasn’t needed as she was on her menses.

Details are still coming through!

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