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Whistleblower Liberia

Land Authority Embarks On Restoring Land Ownership Rights

The Liberian Land Authority (LLA) has announced a nationwide vigorous campaign to restore land rights to proper owners and users across the country.

Speaking when addressing the Ministry of Information press briefing, the LLA Director General, Cllr.  Kula L. Jackson said the ongoing campaign is intended to settle numerous land disputes that have engulfed Liberia.

He added that the LLA along with its international partners is working tirelessly to eradicate land disputes in Liberia by providing necessary measures and putting the rightful policies into place.

Jackson narrated that this process will give total lands rights to the custodians and users of the land, instead of users’ rights that existed in the past.

Jackson mentioned that during the past, the government owned all the lands as the custodians and users of lands were only entitled to user rights for their cultural activities over the period of time they used the lands for.

He went on to applaud the World Bank for the efforts and for continuing to remain the contributing partners of the LLA over the period of time.

Jackson is calling on the government of Liberia and the international partners to provide the LLA the necessary logistics to reach its goals, as lack of logistics remains one of the major challenges at LLA.

He disclosed that a 87-year-old land dispute in Lofa County has been resolved and that citizens are now living there in a very peaceful and harmonious manner.

Going further, he mentioned that the has set up a committee to investigate all land disputes across  Liberia. 

He cautioned the public to avoid court processes during land disputes but to rather forward their cases to the investigative committee at the LLA for redress.

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