Lawyer Complains LDEA Commander To Justice Minister Again

The Excellence Law Firm through Cllr. Herbert Glasgow has filed a complaint to the Minister of Justice, Cllr. Frank Musa Dean, as representative of the legal interest of Prince Harrison, Christian Sunday, Ogbu Ekene and Aku Henry Roomey (all Nigerian citizens).

According to Cllr. Glasgow, the communication is a follow-up from a request for the investigation of Commander Clarence Clarke of the King Gray depot of the Liberia Drug Enforcement Agency (LDEA).

He reminded Justice Minister Dean about a previous communication dated August 31, 2021 and therefore wanting a feedback regarding the complaint.

“We would greatly appreciate if your good office can urgently probe into this matter because the DEA Commander of King Gray depot, Clarence Clarke, has been continuously harassing, intimidating and molesting these peaceful Nigerians who are duly conducting legal businesses in Liberia,” the communication states.

The lawyer went on to draw the attention of the Justice Minister to the most recent incident that saw the LDEA Commander praying for a search and seizure warrant on April 4, 2022 from the Paynesville Magisterial Court and later stormed the home of his client, identified as Aku Henry Roomey, which occurred on April 9, 2022 along with some court officers. During this search, Cllr. Glasgow said a total cash of US$250.00 was taken away from his client as well as his goods (catalyst parts amounting to 10 ‘Ghana must go’ bags) from his private vehicle.

He explained that this search was done in the presence of community dwellers at which time it was established that there were no illegal substances found beside his client’s goods and that the Nigerian national was subsequently detained at the King Gray depot but later asked by commander Clarke and officers to pay US$300.00 in order to be released to his fiancée.

“Hon. Minister, in keeping with our law for search and seizure warrant, said request should be able to identify the property and naming or describing the person or place to be searched in keeping with Criminal Procedure Law, I L.C.L Rev., title II, section 11.3 (1973), which regulates the conduct of an issuing authority and spells out the characteristic contents of warrant for search and seizure but that was not done in this instant case,” Cllr. Glasgow further told the Justice Minister.

The lawyer then calls for the prompt intervention of Minister Dean into the matter to ensure that the LDEA commander is investigated in order to stop what he refers to as an unprofessional behavior that has the propensity of damaging the image of the agency.

Meanwhile, when contacted, the accused LDEA commander denied ever harassing, intimidating or molesting the Nigerians but said he was only acting in the confines of the law.

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