Leaked: D15 permit expired December 2020 as GoL and entity wrestle over hosting the Costa Show

Leaked Bushrod Radio, alias D15 permit in the possession of Whistleblower shows that the entity is yet to renew its legal instrument to operate since the current permit elapsed December 31, 2020.

While the days in between could be nothing much to go by, the government is likely to have teeth to bite were they to continue plans to air the Costa Show.

Government in a release Sunday urged the management of the entity to cut off plans to air the show given that its host Henry Costa is a fugitive and his views are rather sentimental.

The government said serious repercussions await D15 and any media entity that will host Costa.

But the management with support from its owner Sen. Nyonblee Karnga Lawrence, Leader of the Opposition Liberty Party who also dedicated part of her ownership responsibility to Sen. Darius Dillon gave the government 72hrs ultimatum to show what makes Costa a fugitive or they will go on with plans to air his program.

Henry Costa has had rough edges with the Weah’s administration after he broke ranks with them one year after support to the government.

Since relinquishing his support due to what he called several vices of the system he has been bombastic which angers the government.

His last visit to the country saw the institution call for an investigation into how he obtained a laisser passez which the government says was not authentic.

Costa later fled into neighboring Sierra Leone and then USA.

With the government on one hand and D15 on another along with Costa sitting abroad, the week ahead is expected to be interesting.

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