Lebanese Community Silent On Princess Cooper’s Death

It is becoming worrisome as relates to conspicuous silence of the World Lebanese Cultural Union (WLCU), which is the parent body of Lebanese community following the controversial death of 25-year-old Princess Cooper on March 24, 2022.

The lifeless body of the deceased young woman was found in the compound of the FAWAZ Building Material Store at ELWA Junction in Paynesville.

After the body was discovered in the Fawaz compound at ELWA Junction in Paynesville with blood oozing from the nose and mouth, she was rushed to the JFK Hospital in Sinkor where she was pronounced dead on arrival.

As a result, many Liberians are deeply troubled that considering where the body was found being a property of a Lebanese company, it behooves them to issue an official statement of exoneration or solidarity. There have been series of protests within Monrovia in order for justice to be served.    

The government of Liberia has gone ahead to hire pathologists to conduct an autopsy on the deceased as pressure continues to mount to establish cause and find the perpetrator.      

So far, it is the boyfriend of the deceased who has made startling revelations regarding her phones.

Police Spokesman Moses Carter dislclosed that only one mobile phone (Samsung) belonging to Princess was in the possession of the Liberian National Police (LNP).

The police smokesman it was discovered that the boyfriend of the deceased deleted some text messages and withdrew US$150.00 from her mobile money account. Carter quoted the boyfriend, now undergoing police investigation, as saying that he was given the phone by a policeman who was not identified.    

When he earlier appeared on Prime FM via mobile phone on Monday, March 28, 2022 in Monrovia, the boyfriend identified as Samuel Foryoh said contrary to police report, his late girlfriend left the house with two phones including a Samsung and a smaller phone that she usually used for business purposes.

Foryoh narrated that when he got the news about an incident involving his financee, he immediately called her via the smaller phone but it rang endlessly without answer.  

According to him, while calling, a man answered and asked who he was to Princess and he responded, saying: “I’m her boyfriend.”

Foryoh stated that later the man informed him that he was a police officer and gave his number to him to contact him when he gets on the scene. This, he said, he did, but was never given the phones.

Days later, he said a lady who is a friend to Princess’ mother and a police officer identified as Princess gave the small phone to him through his in-law while the bigger phone was still with the police.

Foryoh said when he searched Princess’ phone, he noticed that someone sent her US$150.00 through sendwave and he was shocked, because she has not received any money through sendwave before.

He further explained that his girlfriend received the money just about the same time she received the call that made her to go to the ELWA junction, something he believes. He added that this had a connection with her alleged murder.  

Foryoh denied speculation that the deceased called one of her friends on messenger prior to her death.

As stated by him, the small phone has been taken away by the police.

Police spokesman Carter confirmed through Prime FM that investigators had Princess’ two phones.

Before her death, the deceased was said to have left her residence at St. Paul Bridge on Bushrod Island in Monrovia for Capitol Bye-Pass where she was known to be carrying out catering services.

It is said that she received a phone call for which she headed for the ELWA Junction.

Dr. Abel Momo, a general medical practitioner and uncle of the deceased, who witnessed the coroner inquest, said on SPOON Talk-show that with the exception of abrasion and depressed skin, he didn’t observe laceration and bruises, he went further to say earlier Thursday that the family wouldn’t coordinate with the government given the credential of the pathologist.

He said, “Medically, we’re not done because we’re looking at some of the events that led to the death. We’re going to look into some of the fluids that came out prior to her demise.”

The police spokesman earlier said three private security guards, who were on duty when the remains of the late Princess were discovered behind the FAWAZ Building Material Store, were undergoing investigation.

He added that the police have invited the head of the compound where she was discovered along with some occupants including employees for investigation.

“They’re being treated as persons of interest so that we’re able to establish what really obtained,” Carter said.

“Our interest is basically to make sure that we leave no stone unturned in making sure that we get to the bottom of this investigation in ensuring that if culpability or foul play is established, those who bear the responsibility will not go with impunity,” he assured.

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