Liberian Diplomat Calls Pres. Weah’s Attention To Rape Situation at Liberian Embassy in Abuja

The Minister Counselor for Press and Public Affairs at the Liberian Embassy in Abuja, the Federal Republic of Nigeria is calling President George Manneh Weah’s attention to a sexual abuse incident of his young daughter that occurred on the premises of the Abuja Mission which he laments is seriously affecting the innocent child’s health.

During a press conference, Nat Bayjay during a press conference held in Monday morning in Monrovia narrated that his seven years old young daughter years was sexually abused over a period of seven months by two different perpetrators. The act, according to him, was done multiple times over a period of seven months right on the premises of the Liberian Embassy in Abuja. These two perpetrators themselves were under the guidance of a colleague diplomat also assigned at the Abuja Mission, who according to Mr. Bayjay, has since not shown any remorse for the acts done by his two wards.

“So, I am using this press briefing to bring to the attention of President Weah the deteriorating health condition of my eight years old daughter. It’s only been us the family spending money on her medical and  post-traumatic or any form of psychosocial counselling section as should be done for such a traumatized child.”, the young Liberian diplomat appealed to the Liberian Leader for attention.

He explained that though the Ministries of Foreign Affairs, Information, and Justice have taken steps to forward the matter to court following his insistence, it is not enough in helping to cater to the welfare of his abused child: “While I’m in Monrovia for the past two months to pursue the justice aspect to this matter, I keep getting calls from my family over our young daughter’s declining health back in Abuja, costing her to miss out on school several days. As we are aware of the long process of litigation, why can’t cater to the welfare of this innocent child solely on humanitarian grounds? Why if this litigation lingers for a year, we the family remains the only one to be going through the financial stress of her health which is already in a poor state?”

According to Mr. Bayjay, eight months down the line concerns over his baby daughter’s health has been the least of concern for all relevant Government personnel concerned who have been involved in this matter as her health which continues to deteriorate. A disturbed and traumatized Bayjay says all medical expenses for the past eight months is weighing his family down financially with no concerns from even the perpetrators’ relations.

He revealed that the situation compelled him to move his family out of the government assigned apartment based since May of this year as he accused Ambassador Al-Hassan Conteh of unnecessary biases in his so-called intervention that convinced him that his family was not safe at any longer under his leadership.

He has accused the Liberian Ambassador, Professor Al-Hassan Conteh with whom he had have very excellent and cordial professional and personal relationships, of unfortunately protecting the perpetrators of the act rather than the young victim.

Mr. Bayjay’s appeal is coming in the wake of the ongoing 16 Days of Activism, with a national theme “Enough is Enough! Let’s Act Now To End Violence Against Women, Girls, Children and Other Marginalized Groups”.

At the same time, Mr. Bayjay is accusing the Foreign Ministry’s Special Investigative Committee of protecting Ambassador Conteh’s bias and one-sided handling of the matter at the expense of the victims. He termed its report as only amounting to nothing more than a diplomatic appeasement and cover-up.

“The honest and hard truth is that the likes of Ambassador Jarjar Kamara are only concerned about protecting their own clique at the expense of any victimized situation. Is this because this child is not one of their own? After government spent already limited resources on his team to travel to and fro Abuja to conduct an impartial report, Ambassador Kamara would have his team connive with Ambassador Conteh to protect the terrible handling of this matter that compelled me to have the Nigerian police involved”, he stated during the press conference.

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