Liberian Government To Commence Reconstruction Of Bassa University Bridge

The Government of Liberia has put the possible kickoff of the project to reconstruct the damaged bridge leading to the Grand Bassa Universityformerly Grand Bassa Community College(GBCC), to December 2021.

The disclosure comes after the bidding process has been declared completed for the reconstruction of the bridge with Jupiter Construction Company winning the bid after the contract was reviewed in accordance with National Standard set for awarding bid in the Country.

Prior to the bidding process, students, administrative and teaching staffs, residents and guests of the university endured the constraints of walking distance since June 2016 owing to the deplorable status of the bridge.

Many have complained that such a situation has been posing endless fears for those still accessing the bridge in Paynesberry community near Buchanan.

Though several assurances were given by past and current government authorities, the bridge remains a challenge until this recent development of reconstruction by the Jupiter Construction Company this December.

In time past, Grand Bassa County Senator Jonathan L. Kaipay, Local Administration Representative and Development Superintendent, Flee A. Glay along with a USAID Technical Team and media practitioners embarked on an assessment tour of the bridge and also visited the Neekreen Statutory District to have found an alternative route for easy access to the university campus in Paynesberry, but all these frantic efforts did not produce the anticipated results of alleviating constraints faced for the past years for some unspecified reasons.

Yet, the planned reconstruction under the Weah-led administration appears to be bringing an end to the long existing nightmare that has been confronting the highest institution of learning in the county.

The college obtained its establishment status in 2008 through an Act of the Legislature following robust advocacy led by youth stakeholders and county leaders, at which time young people rejected earthmoving equipment in favor of educational advancement of citizens.

Thus, it caused Dr. Levi Zangai to sacrificially return from the United States of America to occupy the first academic presidential post.

Source: BassaTV

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