Liberian/Nigerian upcoming star wins 1000 US from foreign based singing competition

In Photo: Liberian international Mr.Smith and daughter Sandra

Born of a Liberian father and Nigerian mother, little Sandra Smith is quickly becoming a super musical star to watch up for.

The 21 years old born in Lagos Nigeria, by then refugee, Rokenzy Gemuba Smith alias, Mr. Smith- LIB Money and Christina Ekeh a Nigerian, Sandra musical career is on the rise.

In August 2020 Sandra Smith took part in an online signing competition called “Lem Dem Sayy Africa Acapella challenge” in it’s 3rd edition and performed exceptionally to the surprise of everyone.

This was her first time given an opportunity to perform on any platform after normally being at home as an underground kid growing up with her daddy in Liberia.

Sandra, following graduation from high school in Nigeria with high marks, moved home to her dad in 2017 and since been schooling at the United Methodist University.

At age 2 Sandra started signing, joining the Church choir @ age 9 and since taken singing beyond passion.

Mentored by her dad, an international musical talent and former contender for the Presidency of the Music Union of Liberia, many have no doubt she’s up for the prize.

Her Nigerian, Liberian background is what the industry has ever hoped for given that Nigeria remains a hub of the regional boost for the entertainment brand.

Her excited father told newsmen that it is great thing that his daughter is following his footsteps and he wishes her well.

‘Winning a competition is something we least expected but following her performances at home, I have had no doubt that her career is a go.’

He stated that she sings several other songs done by top local and international artists and he’s looking forward to doing covers to showcase her to the world soon.

Sandra’s first single Damages (Cover) is popping out soon.

Let Dem Sayy Africa organization is base in the USA and sponsored by a group of African / Liberian including Djfynest, a Liberian Female DJ based in the USA.

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