Liberian Prelates Express Objection To Snowe’s Religious Bills; Write Both Houses

Prominent religious leaders in Liberia are calling on both houses of the Legislature to reject a religious bill proffered by Bomi County Senator, Edwin Snowe.

In a communication sent to both Houses, the prelates said they will be left with no alternative but take further action of their schools, media houses and other entities were this to continue.

The religious leaders call on both Houses to respect and stick with the existing 1847 preamble of the Constitution which states ‘Therefore, we the people of the Commonwealth of Liberia, in Africa, acknowledge with devout gratitude, the goodness of God in granting to us the blessings of the Christian religion and political, religious and to establish justice insure domestic peace and promote general welfare, hereby solemnly associate and constitute ourselves a free, Sovereign and Independent state by the name REPUBLIC OF LIBERIA.’

The group says it will be prudent enough were the issue of Christian State or religious matters be decided through a referendum as called for by the Constitutional Review Committee.

Submitting Tuesday’s petition to the Legislature Bishop Isaac Winker described Senator Snowe bills as product of ‘Religious crisis.’

Snowe has since proffered three bills with two favoring the Muslim Community and an Easter Monday holiday for Christians.

This has since sparked debates in different quarters of the Liberian society.


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