Liberia’s Honorary Consul sets record straight in Passport Gate

Writing from Gukhoe-daero 70-gil, Yeoungdeungpo-gu Seoul, 07238, Republic of Korea, the Consulate vehemently rejects claims that its Honorary Consul, Rev. Dr. Bokwoo Park is no BM and is not sitting in Korea without the knowledge of the Liberian government

In a full response to the allegation, the Consul’s Secretariat said ‘Against this backdrop, the Office of the Secretariat of the Republic of Liberia Honorary Consulate near South Korea categorically rejects the unfounded accusations and propaganda made yesterday, September 23, 2020 on the social media against Liberian Honorary Consul General to South Korea Hon. Rev. Dr. Bokwoo Park, and Liberia erstwhile Foreign Minister Hon.Gbezohngar Findley.

Rev. Dr. Bokwoo Park, according to them is a very respectable Korean who was appointed on May 1, 2020 as the Republic of Liberia Honorary Consul General to South Korea and such appointment was not done by Hon. Gbezohngar Findley.

The Secretariat said contrary to linking Mr Park to terrible activities, the Hon. Rev. Dr. Bokwoo Park has spent his entire life in the house of God as Pastor and even contested for a seat at the Korean parliament.

According to the Vienna Convention that Liberia is a signature of, states a Foreigner can hold Liberia Diplomatic passport when appointed as an Honorary Consul General and it’s in this regard Hon. Park was appointed to the honorable role.

The Korean consulate frowned on Activist Martin K. N. Kollie linking his actions to that of the opposition CPP ‘Fellow Liberians, the only reason why Martin Kollie a staunch member of the opposition bloc and political sponsors are diabolically lying and raising this unsubstantiated accusations against the Honorary Consul General Hon. Rev. Dr. Park Bokwoo and Former Foreign Minister Findley is predicated upon the fact that our beloved country Mama Liberia is in an electionary period and Hon. Findley is also a formidable force on the Ruling Coalition For Democratic Change (CDC) indefatigable ticket in the ensuing Grand Bassa Senatorial Midterm Poll against his opposition collaborating Political Parties (CPP) candidate Hon. Nyonblee Karnga Lawrence, nothing else. He thinks by propagating said falsehood against these reputable Honorable Men could make Hon. Findley unpopular amongst the electorates of Grand Bassa County, which isn’t the reality.’

The Office of the Secretariat of the Republic of Liberia Honorary Consulate near South Korea says she will shortly write the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Liberia to rigorously investigate Martin Kollie on these grave allegations to take appropriate legal action in response to any accusations which are based on false testimony and wrongful claims about Honorary Consul General Hon. Rev. Dr. Park Bokwoo to avoid the reoccurrence.

Liberia has been rocked by passport sale controversy with several names recently mentioned by the man in the middle of the saga, former Passport Director Andrew Wonplue.

3 thoughts on “Liberia’s Honorary Consul sets record straight in Passport Gate

  • September 24, 2020 at 10:04 am

    Liberia rarely gets little diplomatic service out of such appointments. Most honorary consuls who buy Liberian diplomatic status are masking corrupt and criminal motives out there. They use our diplomatic passports as a shortcut to impunity. But our corrupt officials have turned a blind eye to that. That’s the more reason why tightening up of diplomatic status is crucial. We will get to know the truth as more high-profile cases come to light detailing not only the economic, diplomatic and security risks but also the sheer audacity of those corrupt officials who care less about their country’s image and what is being done with those passports they dish out to people, including criminals gangs. Liberia has no agreed criteria for awarding diplomatic passports to foreigners as long as the buyer is financially potent to pay for it or is a rich person who makes a large donation to a political party seeking state power. We use an opaque system to issue our diplomatic passports. And I am not even sure if we have a list of people who hold honorary diplomatic positions. Maybe that’s why our corrupt officials keep this as a closely-guarded secret.


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